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3/2/2014 c6 30saku642734
very awesome story :)
6/21/2013 c6 GateOfTheMaiden
I loved your story! It had a nice plot :3
11/30/2011 c6 mimico909
Story was really kawaii! I just thought it was a little fast pace
11/9/2009 c3 6Megume-Minamino
Aww It so cute the way she is worried.
2/7/2009 c6 4Cherry Blossom Ichigo Girl
kawaii! this was a good story, can't wait to see and read more neji and sakura from you
9/1/2008 c6 9The Authoress of Heartbreak
This story was fabulous! definitely a fave and i love it to death! also, i looked at the pic of the parfait, and i actually formed a mental picture of neji covered in that stuff! LMFAO, and lotsa hugs!

8/24/2008 c6 81Eternal Grey
cute story
8/13/2008 c6 4shadow miko
great foc it was totally randm but funny lol
7/31/2008 c6 2Kakashi The Most Awesome
this was quite good, it wasnt dragged on... just perfect! though sometimes the tense changed rather randomly, but im being picky
7/29/2008 c6 uchiha miyo
this is so good
7/23/2008 c6 3LoveIsMyHate
AW! I LOVED your story since the begining and will still continue to do so. Thank you so much for posting this! I'd love an epilouge (how ever you spell it) if you had any time. Until I read one of your stories again!

For the last time (for this story),

7/23/2008 c6 3al2010
Great chapter. A wonderful ending to your sweet story.
7/23/2008 c6 8Nami-Lass
aw... the ending was a little rushed! maybe it was just me pining for more! i love this story! made me giggle and squeal all at the same time! loved it! wish it didn't end!
7/23/2008 c6 9BlackLillyWildFlower
No probs, it was well worth the wait. Hope to read more! SC
7/22/2008 c6 9Paper Things
This is extremely adorable~! ^_^ Sakura is very lucky. :D Lol, Neji never went near dessert again! Wow, I feel sorry for him. . Great job on this~!
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