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10/16/2010 c4 PSG1JOHN
I just finished your story and i loved the part with Bruce Lee and Cameron. I did wish to see Cameron and Bruce spar a little for fun.
7/13/2009 c4 3mshigezumi
Nice story man, you did a good job.

I like how you actually explain things into great detail (like how some of the future tech works).

I also like the time line and story you set up. But one thing I don't get is if the plasma sends out an EMP that wipes Cameron's neural network, then in the pilot how did she have emotions since she was only looking for them for not that long (I don't remember the exact amount of days, but I know it was like 2 months), and that means she was only sent back not that long ago from the pilot. And since she came from the future where every one was using plasma rifles when did she have the time to develop the emotions?

but besides that minor detail, your whole story so far is magnificent, can't wait to start reading the sequel (in about 5 seconds).
5/11/2009 c4 2Cptlatnok
derek as captain sparrow? priceless!
5/11/2009 c3 Cptlatnok



bruce lee? Steve McQueen? James Coburn!

i loved it!

didnt realy like the idea of the opposing school of martial arts thing but it made foe an intersting fight seen.

i too want to see a lee/conor fight!
5/11/2009 c2 Cptlatnok
i liked your explantion of why cam changed in the pilot, they never explained that and it pissed me off! love the aarnie reference

hated the reset of j and c, i really want t read a jameron fic where they are a "normal" couple, ie it is already established and flowering (their relationship and her emotions).

Lastly i am confused about the timeline thing...if 5min before she came back everything was normal (computers everywhere, bush in office) and then when she arrived it was all different, how did that info change in j and s's head's ? especially since we where in s's head at the time?
5/11/2009 c1 Cptlatnok

i am loving this so far!
12/12/2008 c4 Dr. Pluto of 1812
hi, I jast wanted to say great story, and that I LOVE IT, by the by. im HOPEING you choose to continue it, if not'.

then il cry, Im' haning on to my seat bud.

oh! #&5 (10/10) YOU GO GIRL!, ...or boy. (ha ha ha) !

The Time Lords

The Oldest And The Most Mightiest
10/29/2008 c4 3Go10
This chapter was very heavy with the science and more complicated to read than the last chapter, BUT I still very much enjoyed it.

I'm not all broken up about Derek dying (I barely noticed his absence the first 3 chapters).

Im kinda confused on how two versions of Sarah, John and Cameron can exist. Perhaps a clarification next chapter?

It's nice to see that John's last thought was of Lisa. I was afraid that she was going to be lost in the plot due to everything else you have going on in the story. Hopefully in future chapters we'll be able to explore the character more? Does she know that her mother is a robott? How does she feel about judgment day. What does she think about her parents? Etc.

I understand that the Terminator world is dark, but hopefully you'll still be able to include moments of levity/humor like the last chapter? I enjoyed those moments in this story.

Great job. You obviously put a good deal of thought into the plot; so much so I felt a little overwhelmed with all the time paradoxes and science talk and whatnot. Lol until next chapter...
10/29/2008 c3 Go10
This chapter was nothing but awesome! I love the cameos and the fighting was fun to read. Boy, the human part of Cameron is a pretty big showoff, eh? :p

I wholeheartredly agree with your A/N. There is nothing wrong with putting a little fun and humor in the usually dark Terminator stories.

By the way, the terminator running when he saw Cameron's weapon was nothing but comical!

Great job. This chapter makes me look forward to more of your writing...
10/1/2008 c4 6jojobevco
good story!
9/26/2008 c4 12benjammindeth
Dude... talk about a wild-ass ride! Please write more!
9/24/2008 c4 8TermFan1980
Outstanding! If I wasn't enjoying this story so much I'd ask you to stop writing because you're making the rest of us look like hacks! LOL

I loved the action in this chapter. Plasma rifles, rocket launchers, car chases (woo hoo!). I was afraid you'd abandoned this story or something, but when I saw that there was an update, I imagined a deep, intense voice-over saying "now presenting, the season premiere of TSCC:1963". ;)
9/23/2008 c4 Jeff
SWEET! OMG it has been awhile i was waiting for this. Worth the wait but please don't make us wait any longer.. I want Cam and John to get back together.. Raise Lisa in a happy world.
9/21/2008 c1 2bharned1
Cam, don't use soldering irons when your pregnant! Humph, maybe the fumes wouldn't have an effect on a Terminator, abliet a pregnant one. Regardless, the writing is top-notch, and I love the first-person Cam perspective.
9/13/2008 c3 2lacking a better name
I thought that story was pretty good, just i think you should've incorperated Lisa more.
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