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5/20/2014 c18 2nemikconi new sora
when are you going to update the story
5/27/2012 c18 imnotraven16
great story
4/5/2012 c18 1Kurai Otaku
Ah, just as I expected. Its just aa good as ever!
4/4/2012 c18 DaddlerTheDalek
Woah! Really Impressive so far!
4/3/2012 c18 15Mr Halfwright
hmmmm... this fic is an interesting find, keep it up.
1/27/2012 c17 1Kurai Otaku
This is one of those stories that i think of as beyond from what is expected...This is a masterpiece that is still in the making! Update this whenever you can, i will be wait until you do.
11/22/2010 c16 1DarkLadyIreth
*Nods* It is a lot darker than a normal fic you would find for a Sonic X fic, but it's well written, the plot seems to flow alright and I didn't see that many errors in grammer (though I just got off work and I'm a little bleary eyed lol) I am interested to see where you take this. I eagerly wait for more, but take your time. I'd rather wait for a fantastic chapter, than have one every day and it be crap to read. Patience is worth it in the end. *Nods sagely and grins*
5/9/2010 c16 1flying.otter
I read another story with Tails as a kitsune and I have to say that I definitely like yours better. But I would like to know if you are planning on updating. You kind of left at a cliff-hanger and, as you can imagine, it bother me. So, PLEASE UPDATE! With a cherry on top.
6/9/2009 c16 1Rylum
Really confusing getting through this. I like the blend of reality/dream. But run-on sentences and missing comma's also make it hard to understand. Example in the first line

"Sweet sound drifted to his slumped form, nose wrinkling in the thought of awakening small hands gripped further to the pelt that he lay upon". - The thought of awakening small hands? It's easy to figure out what you intended after going over it several times, but it happens often enough in this chapter to point out.

Glad to see you haven't abandoned this story.
6/2/2009 c16 37Asher Tye
Oh, cliffhanger ending. How mean of you. ;)
3/6/2009 c15 727's Fury
Whoa! You've thought through this A LOT! X3 Loved the last chapter too, the ending was so cute! :3
3/5/2009 c15 6Kitsune Disciple
very interesting my friend, i like how you've incorporated the time line from both the games and the animai into your fic. although i should point out one thing, Blaze isnt exactly dead. she sacrificed herself to stop iblis but when sonic went back into the past and destroyed iblis before it became powerful then the whole future was altered and so blaze never died. unless of course you already knew that and made it so that she died for other reasons, in which case ignore all that i have said lol. plus Jules and Bernice hedgehog are Sonic's parents. once again i found it an interesting read, now i know what to expect from the dark kitsune forms. update soon my friend. CHOW!

3/5/2009 c15 37Asher Tye
Neat looking. You got me excited to see how this story's going to go. I am a little confused as to how you came up with the ages, but still very interesting.

See ya next update.
3/3/2009 c14 6Kitsune Disciple
ah robotnik, should've seen that one coming. anyways, i find it so sweet who gradually their relationship is growing more and more stronger. i wonder what they will find when they reach their destination? all will be answered in do time. keep up the good work my friend, i await the next chapter CHOW!

3/3/2009 c13 Kitsune Disciple
whoa, thats some attitude the kid has. then again i guess anyone developes that after surviving on your own merits for so long. i forgot to mention this in my last review so i will state it now, i'm very keen to know exactly why Tails was abandoned. you stated in the previous chapter that he had 'adoptive parents' instead of biological ones. i'm keen to understand just what occured back then, but i know that all will become clear in due time lol.

anyways, i loved this chapter (just as much as all of them really lol). now i'm wondering just who is doing the spying? i'm reading on.
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