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for Giving Up Gio

2/1/2008 c2 23Beatrice Benedick
Some comments:

“Not even to see Gio’s muscles rippling through his tight grey t-shirt…” My God! Don’t do that to me! I am smiling like a maniac. I always wondered if Betty was ever attracted to that great body built of Gio. Well, I am…

“…wanting to spend as much time conversing with her as possible, to figure out what was wrong with her of course, not just to spend time with her…” Yeah! Your Gio is still insecure of his feelings to Betty. That is so sweet. I want to read more. The little Hilda-subconscious-voice in his head … that was great! Nice writing!

“And secondly what competition?” Yay. And then the truth will be revealed. Betty is so clueless. ^_^ (damn! I shouldn’t write reviews before I finish the story).

Not sure about the crying, though. So suddenly. But maybe that’s what you intended. In later chapters you might want to make her ponder why she was crying. ^^ Just my idea.

I hope any of the above makes sense. Because I just typed it while I was reading the story. Its very beautiful and intense.

And no need to apologize. I am not sure about the others. But at least I am much of a masochist Gio/Betty shipper! I love the drama, the suffering, the shouting, the hair pulling … I am sure it will end in a passionate burst of affection.

Por último, Felicidades! Me ha encantado mucho tu historia, de verdad. Sigue escribiendo, por favor ^_^ yay, more Gio!
1/31/2008 c2 126AJeff
Yes, I don't like Henry at all. I just love this story. I love Gio and Betty together. Keep on writing!
1/29/2008 c1 abovetherim
I really enjoyed it, I think you should continue!
1/28/2008 c1 23Beatrice Benedick
Ah, Wire2damoon. I´ve seen your comments on youtube. I like your story. Please, continue. I can´t wait to see how Betty will tell Gio...

I also speak spanish. no idea of italian. ^_^
1/27/2008 c1 6alkali-feldspar
Lovely prologue! I'm particularly excited to see what happens after they're absence. I'm rooting for a confrontation, but I'll be happy just to see them together again. :)
1/27/2008 c1 37wooster182
I like it! I found humor in their anxiety that kept running through Gio and Betty's heads. They are getting more and more frustrated. Can't wait to see what comes next!
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