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for Prey Of The Heart

10/27/2011 c4 Jessi
Please Update! I love it :)
8/13/2008 c4 ljp
I really really like this :) Nicely done. I especially like the scattered way of dealing with the flashbacks in the previous chapter. Great.
4/15/2008 c3 1992WhitePhoenixOfTheCrown
great chapter!can't wait for the continue...please update soon...I love so much Dick and Babs...!
4/15/2008 c3 kharmon4
liking the story nice cliff hanger at the end cant wait for more
3/17/2008 c2 GoddessAnjanee
Update soon! :) :)
3/17/2008 c1 GoddessAnjanee
U have my attention! :) :)

Good story !
2/11/2008 c2 divinia
Thank you so much for writiting a Babs/Dick story! YAY! I'm so happy! divinia
2/11/2008 c2 Casperace13
wow! Great story! Please continue. This is awesome.
2/6/2008 c1 1992WhitePhoenixOfTheCrown
I love so much that couple!write more..please...!
2/6/2008 c2 TheMovieHero
Hate cliffhangers, please write more! Love it so far!
2/4/2008 c1 evil midget 06
I really like the story so far. I always thought Babs and Dick were a great pairing, their different personalities compliment eachother. I always kinda figured though if Helena were to get along with any of her "brother" it would be Dick because they would have just as many reasons to be mad at Bruce.
2/1/2008 c2 rogueop452
This is good. I hope you continue.
1/30/2008 c1 moonclarinet
That was great I want to know if Alfred and Helena find him the room so please continue the story.
1/30/2008 c1 mao89
please update soon...

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