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2/20/2009 c2 27sasusaku779

the beautiful cure to pms...
2/20/2009 c1 sasusaku779

a painful thing it is!

that was tragically beautiful
3/3/2008 c2 XoXoDarkBlossomFantasyyLvrXoXo
That is sad I hope they end up loving each other! lol make a sequel or atleast another chapter! Sad but oh well it was good other than the whole leaving part! ^_^
2/23/2008 c2 xx-tenshi-xx
good lord.. that was amazing i literally almost cried :( it was beautiful . i think you should sequel it and make it a happy ending.. i know im so corny but i like happy endings and after that storey i think they both deserve a happy ending :)
2/8/2008 c2 12Subziro91
Please make this into a hurt/confert story PLEASE!I want a happy ending..make a another part with that ending!Its wat i live for. _
2/6/2008 c2 4Sirona of Arabia
pain and misery ...

can actually be

a beautiful thing.
2/6/2008 c2 23Erendhyl
Wow, that was really angsty and disturbing and creepy, but it was still good. Was it for or against SasukeXSakura? I ask because sometimes I come up with fics where contradictory pairings happen, but I still love SasukexSakura.
2/6/2008 c2 i love hershey
The story is really sad but really well written. They both love each other but the other doesn't know. Sasuke thinks that Sakura doesn't love him and Sakura believes Sasuke doesn't love her. It's like a cirlce that never ends. Great story^.^
2/3/2008 c1 4Sirona of Arabia
this was great.

nice job.

i loved it.

but i do have a question ...

why did you make Sasuke's part so short, compared to Sakura's?

and if you don't mind me asking,

why don't you make second part to this?

if you don't want to that's fine.

i just thought i would ask.

and if you decide you don't want to,

i still think this is great.

2/2/2008 c1 Emma0707
It`s really good, I hope you can make it a two shot. Pretty Please.
2/2/2008 c1 cheesepeas
i hate reading really good one shots :D!

i wanna 2387129837 shot!


i really like it though :D!
2/2/2008 c1 Unknown
It's really good. Great job.

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