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11/4/2016 c1 17Child of Dreams
(laughing hysterically)
3/3/2015 c1 Guest
parts of this were actually reallysad
9/4/2010 c1 9EntirelyInsane

XDDD Erik is just an epic win, isn't he?
2/9/2008 c1 4Truth Questor
I like the Leroux base. Poor girls... That's just Erik doing what he does best, I suppose.
2/4/2008 c1 Sue Raven
Absolutely delightful. I love the idea of the Ghost's "assistant" tickling someone.
2/3/2008 c1 1AHealingRenaissance
*Mouse can not leave a coherent review because she is currently curled up in the floor laughing hysterically*
2/2/2008 c1 14amyjpond
Ha, nice little line at the bottom. This story actually made me detest meg and the rats. I wanted to slap her for Erik's sake! But I think he handled it well ;D Nice!

2/2/2008 c1 10gravity01
Neat story. Poor Erik sure did run the gamut of emotions there. My favorite was the part at the end where he says 'boo' and they all go scattering.

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