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6/30/2008 c3 Animeartist17
Update! This is really good!
6/24/2008 c3 13nanamisakurachan
aw! that is so cute

i hope sasuk does NOT remember Karin (that *itch) :)

hahaha i can't wait for the next chaptr update son


that looks ool ok on with the review XD update soon i realy liked it your writing skills are awesome and so is your plot XD
6/20/2008 c3 rachil
XD I loved this chapter.Poor old are they right now?
6/12/2008 c3 2DarkAngl1890
I love how Tsunade is throwing Sasuke and Sakura together. Please update soon.
4/19/2008 c3 18averageteenhunger cute!..haha...what are they(mikoto and tsunade) planning?..haha..matchmaking huh..hehe

4/19/2008 c3 al
hey please write another chapter soon! this was ded good! x
4/10/2008 c2 Saki106
Please upload the next chapter! Your story is really good so please upload soon!
4/6/2008 c3 freakenout
aww cute ^.^! update son!
3/21/2008 c3 onyXcherry
3/20/2008 c3 4o0Hana-Chan0o
Are they going to spend two whole weeks?jajaj it's really funny I want to see all the situations they are going to share!jejej

But I think it's a bit strange that Sakura accepted so easy! I mean, she says that loves working in the hospital because she feels good when she can save a life...althought she have to spend a lot of hours (in fact she's almost the whole day in the hospital xD). So then, why she want to spent two weeks with Sasuke, and alone jejej, so obvious,isnt't it?

In this fic your Sasuke and the original one are quite alike!jajja But I expect he'll change a little because he never talks more than two words in a row!

You have a lovely story (and I don't know why I find all your fics really factastics!), so please update!
3/19/2008 c3 muimui17
so... cute!
3/17/2008 c3 2the rain in asia
Please update! Especially with such a promising next chapter. I love the story so far, and any SasuSaku I approve of. Please update!
3/15/2008 c3 permamint
Your stories are simply fantastic. It really matches with my likes in Au fanfictions because you always make Sasuke so in his character.

I am waiting for the next chapter in this fanfiction and I can't help but wonder how will the progression of Sasuke's feelings towards Sakura be.

You also made Sakura a not-so-annoying character in the fic and not mary-sue also, though the admiration of hers to Sasuke is seemingly present it is still shown that she is restraining herself to ogle at him.

But there is a minor mistake that I have seen in the latest chapter.

" If she did not have a patient of a saint, she would have been so sure that she would knock him out when she first met him."

I think you meant "patience" but still, it was a minor mistake and the story is great~

please update, you're awesome. :)
3/4/2008 c3 9Sasuke Uchiha's Partner
Love your story. The best SasuSaku i've read in awhile. Dattebayo
3/3/2008 c3 readingxwriting
It is so good. Why don't you continue?
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