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for Green Eyed Angel

2/10/2008 c3 12jillykins


can't wait to see the next chapter! Hopefully there will be some fluff!
2/10/2008 c3 nashonfun
great chapter, keep up the good writing.
2/10/2008 c1 PeachyPomme
Wow for someone who`s maternel languade isn`t english: this story is amazing! It`s even better than other people`s (who`s 1st language was enlish) stories! well done ! I can`t wait for more sasuXsaku!
2/10/2008 c3 3Bhria-hime
wow... i love this story!
2/9/2008 c3 2Silver Shadow75
interesting. i like it so far!
2/9/2008 c3 ShannySee1933
It's so perfect!I love it!Hope u update soon.I can't wait 2 find out the next chapter.Seeya!(^.^)
2/9/2008 c3 15Peach Tuesday's
haha oh boy now they are going to live together?

omg his family knows he is there? wow I didn't see that coming lol.

great chapter!

update soon please :]]
2/9/2008 c3 18CharlieMichelle
SWEETNESS you kno i heard tha America is a "uptight" country (from I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry) but this story (which you made) has made it seem less uptight...the scary thing is I live in America so I just insalted sp? my nation lol
2/9/2008 c3 ShannySee1933
It's so great!And cute and romance.Hope u update soon!I can't wait 2 find out wat will happen at the next chapter!(^.^)
2/9/2008 c3 Bandana Bandit
I knew Mikito and Tsunade were in it together.


So Sasuke is going to love with Sakura.

I sense romance in the air.


Hope you update soon.

2/9/2008 c3 narutoalicefan
please continue soon your story is really good i was drawn to it when i started reading amazing
2/9/2008 c3 inu-babygirl
wha ok but u better up-dte beyond son ok? ok i luvd this ch. ehhehehehehehehe so tsunade knows the family ne? dats right karin ur gonna lose sasuke heheheheheh i luved this ch. please include smut and even lemon later on please i beg u hehehehheheheh but only if u want i love this story but please up-dte this one and happy ending? soon ok JA NE
2/9/2008 c3 3andiiwandii
awesome chapter, i loved how long it was

Tsunade is so sneaky, i wonder if Sakura will figure it out?

can't wait for the next chapter =)
2/9/2008 c3 AnaliseHardisee
Awsome! this is great!^_^

2/9/2008 c3 6darkpetal202
YAY! Very good chapter! I so canot wait for the next one! Thank you and update soon!
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