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for Piece of My Heart

8/20/2009 c8 ThatxGirlxThere
Oh my god that story was angsty and sad at some points. I loved it though. Actually reading about how the ciaracters were feeling is so much better than just seeing what they want you to see. Those emotions were so intense. Great job though. :)

3/2/2009 c8 12Katelai
Oh wow... This was really great, I love the drama and angst! We must get more angst from you! :)

The chapter about Michel made me cry, well, tear up as stealthily as possible in my cubicle.

Great job again!
4/12/2008 c8 296mmooch
As ticked off at Luke as I was for that fateful night, my heart broke (for him) and my stomach lurched (for myself) when TPTB shoved Chris and "Lor" together. I wished and wished that it was some kind of sick, twisted nightmarish dream that Lorelai had...kind of like the sweet dream that she had beginning of season 3. Good job in making it clear that as much as Luke loved her and wished he could change things with her, that he didn't want that at the expense of April. It's annoying that TPTB felt it necessary to make a 3rd illegitimate daughter in the show, but it is Luke's character that he would want to get to know her and in turn love her.
4/12/2008 c7 mmooch
It's hard to imagine Paris having this kind of conversation with herself. She doesn't strike me as very introspective.
4/12/2008 c6 mmooch
I really wished that they hadn't come into the room when they did. Honestly, it probably wouldn't have magically fixed their relationship but it could have been a baby step in that direction.
4/12/2008 c5 mmooch
You actually made me cry for Michel, unbelievable.
4/12/2008 c4 mmooch
It did seem a little strange that this didn't happen in the show. It is a logical thing to have occurred that night.
4/12/2008 c3 mmooch
To be honest, not my favorite chapter. I like freaked-out Sookie, but speaking as an unplanned kid, the words hit a little too close to home for me.
4/12/2008 c2 mmooch
Very believable that Rory wouldn't be fooled by this marriage that "finally" happened.
4/12/2008 c1 mmooch
Thank you for doing a POV from Emily in this storyline. As proper as she is, we rarely get to see a glimpse of the pain and heartache that she goes through.
2/10/2008 c8 34Oncerx3
Wow, that last part, where he's looking at the picture of him and Lorelai; that's so sad.

I love this chapter, and the whole idea you had going, exploring everyone's feelings, even Michel's, lol. Great story.
2/8/2008 c8 45glo1196
this was yor best one yet of this series! Loved it!
2/8/2008 c8 17Loridhhp
Aw! Poor angsty Luke! That was perfect and I imagine Luke going through all those thoughts after tangling with Christopher in the town square. What an insightful glimpse into the inner minds of our favorite characters this little story was! Brilliant. :D
2/8/2008 c8 2Jeremy Shane
good chapter & more please
2/8/2008 c8 35gilmorefanforever
Okay, I've been a crappy reviewer lately. I've read all your stuff, but I haven't reviewed. Bad me. This story is one of the best things you have ever written, especially this last chapter. You can feel the characters' pain like your experiencing it yourself. Wow.
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