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8/10/2014 c3 13N7 Greek-Valkyrie
He should have just told Ino what was wrong, cause his could end badly due to miscommunication.
10/13/2012 c3 WeRMental
Are you still gonna continue this? (
3/8/2011 c3 pompeiiashes
Great story! :D I hope Naruto doesn't cheat on Ino... :(
8/17/2010 c3 YeahImASlytherin
This story is pretty good, I just really hope naruto dosent cheat on ino. But I can't wait for the next chapter hope you update soon.
8/10/2010 c3 12SadGirl91
omg whats gonna happen! dont cheat on ino naruto! she loves you!, sakura us hysr upset!
11/22/2009 c3 43Alis Volat Propris
don don dah! the epic dilemma. Sakura Chan or Ino. This is interesting.
10/16/2008 c1 glgkoo
lets see how this turn out i already have seen one with naruto,sakura and hinata with sakura on the phone it was more narusaku than naruhina but lets see what u do
8/10/2008 c3 Blacktears110
Please update I Really like the story
4/9/2008 c3 4Pandora's Crate
Great story so far! Just one request: leave Naruto with Ino. She's far better for him than Sakura will ever be.
3/31/2008 c3 Sox766
awsome story cant wait for the next chapter
3/26/2008 c3 4Sabaku no Zak
Aww sweet, but I personally hope Naruto stays with Ino ^_^v

Sabaku No Zak
3/25/2008 c3 81SkyMaiden
Hey. I am so so glad that you updated. This chapter was definitely worth the wait. It was really good. I cant wait for you to update again as soon as you can.
3/25/2008 c3 8DrendeSalkash
wow, this just keeps getting better. and im not being sarcastic either! i mean it really does. good job
3/25/2008 c2 4Sabaku no Zak
I've always found NarIno an interesting couple keep up the awsome writing!

Sabaku No Zak
3/20/2008 c2 8mdv
I like the idea...

No Naruto!

Sakura doesn't deserve you!

NaruIno Rox.

Anyway do cantinue

I'm interested in seeing where this will go.
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