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for Lips of an Angel

3/19/2008 c2 8DrendeSalkash
that was pretty damn good. i dont think anyone else could have done it quite as good as you did
2/13/2008 c1 gemini no naruto
vote for sakura
2/12/2008 c2 tetsunosuke12
will there be more?
2/12/2008 c2 81SkyMaiden
Great chapter. It was really well written. I cant wait for more. ^-^
2/11/2008 c1 SkyMaiden
Hey Hey this is pretty good. I like it alot so far and I hope that you update it again as soon as you can.
2/10/2008 c1 tetsunosuke12
make it sakura cuz then there will b lots of conflicts and drama between ino.

looking forward for the next installment! XD
2/9/2008 c1 DreamersWriting
Interesting start. Using Naruto's love of ramen was a very clever way to put them together ^ ^.

This is definitely going on my alerts as I can't wait to read more.

For the mysterious caller, I'm voting Sakura. It's not that I hate her. It's just I would REALLY like to see her realize what she rejected(assuming this is going to be NaruIno in the end)

Plus,...I'm a HUGE NaruIno fan ^ ^(Thus, that is what I'm hoping the final pairing will be). But anyway, yeah. Again, I' can't wait until the next update.
2/8/2008 c1 KatanaUser
Story looks good so far, but is this going to turn into a mini-Harem type story?

I don't quite think I know what you mean by Third Wheel, but I vote for Sakura.

Personally I think that Naruto wouldn't fall for anyone after being with Ino for so long, and planning to marry her.

-Look forward to see what you do with this story!

2/8/2008 c1 Ultriman
I really like this, really good writing!

and last, make it Sakura! please!
2/8/2008 c1 8thinking-about-it
Cept for the language here and there and a lot of grammatical errors your doing fine. the plot's all good and stuff. re-read through this and yiou'll be surprised of how many changes you can make. I am not saying this in a wrong way, just trying to help...*_-
2/7/2008 c1 8DrendeSalkash
ya know, ya could throw people for a loop and make it either Temari or Tenten. unless of course ya just don't like them paired with Naruto then im ok with that too. out of the 2 you named, i'd go with Sakura. outta the 2 i said i'd go with Tenten. but eh, right?
2/7/2008 c1 gmpy36
SAKURA, You gotta have it be Ino's rival. Plus I just really like NaruSaku, NaruIno, NaruSakuIno, stories. Great story so far. Keep it up.
2/6/2008 c1 1MaximumDevil
Sakura it going to be fun if 2bestfriends love the same man
2/6/2008 c1 naruxsakulover
YES make it sakura! oh and by the way nice story I really injoyed it.
2/6/2008 c1 3Naru Uzumaki
SAKURA! There are way too many fics where Naruto was once with Hinata. Make it Sakura! PUH-LEEZE! I'm on my knees! make it Sakura!
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