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for The Covenant's Secrets

2/19/2008 c8 BEEcausexoxo
lol love pogue's last line. and also u spelled chase's name wrong. it's with an s not a c. anwyay keep updating.

2/19/2008 c8 Cheyenne
Loved it! Cant wait for the update
2/15/2008 c7 10ShadowWolfDagger
Awesome update like always, can't wait to read more.

2/14/2008 c7 2anangelwithnoname
do update soon!does aaron have powers?
2/14/2008 c7 Cheyenne
aww so much romance
2/13/2008 c6 Cheyenne
That was absolutely adorable yet very dramatic.
2/13/2008 c6 10ShadowWolfDagger
Awesome update like always ^_^

2/13/2008 c6 BEEcausexoxo
aw thats cute. please put up pics. i love cing the pics cause i no people with these names and i hv to get their face out of my head when i read this. so ya. plz

2/11/2008 c5 ShadowWolfDagger
Awesome update once again, can't wait till the next one.

2/11/2008 c5 BEEcausexoxo
hey this is great. can ya put pics of characters in ur pro pleas? thx

2/11/2008 c5 2MissyJennifer
2/8/2008 c4 10ShadowWolfDagger
Awesome updates I can't wait till the next one.

2/8/2008 c3 2GoodnightMoon7
(From chapter 1) I LOVE THAT SONG! I'm going to their concert end of march.

Okay,back to the story... I really like it so far, and o, the suspense is KILLING me! lol
2/7/2008 c2 10ShadowWolfDagger
Awesome Covenant story, can't wait till the next update and too learn more about the girls. Hope you update soon.

Is the girls power like the boys?

2/6/2008 c1 Cheyenne
Wicked awesome
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