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7/19/2008 c1 1jexx
This is great - love the concept, and the characters are spot on. You should have more reviews!
2/11/2008 c1 34Snowfilly
Hi. Yes, I like this, the first part more than the second as I'm not really into alien worms - yuk. If the intention there was to be very disturbing, then you achieved it.

I think my favourite line was Suzie's summing up of her the team would greet Tosh - spot on characterisation. As was Jack getting ready to shoot Gamma.

One quibble - I think Ianto joined after Tosh - he arrived after the Cybermen invasion, didn't he? Still, timelines are there to be ignored.

Look forward to anymore Torchwood stuff you might be planning on writing. Rose
2/7/2008 c1 24Hiril Moon
I like the angle you had here. As in, it wasn't just Tosh's first day, so you looked at the bigger picture. I dunno, Ijust like the idea.

...Plus the worms made me squick. So that's good on the ideas front, but not for stomachs of the world.

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