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for Fire Dragon Meets Water Phoenix

11/12/2014 c16 AutumnLakes
Hello! I love your story, and it is well written and is easy to read. But I am often really confused on wether Mikan is in her Kaname disguise or not. It is even more confusing with Manami. These are the only parts I would rewrite. (I understand that you wrote this like a million yrs ago) Nice Job! -IcyFlameOtaku
4/9/2014 c21 Violin.music
Wwwwhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy I love this story plzzzzzzzzzzzz
11/11/2013 c21 1Hikari Kazuka
Update plz must kno what happens next. Ewww sumire x natsume not a good pairs oh well
11/2/2013 c21 StarCubeLuna
Please don't drop this story. It's a great story. So please try to continue it!
10/16/2013 c21 Pancakes99
Plzzzzzzz I need more this one of the best ones I have read plzzzzzzz with a cherry on top plzzzzzzzz
8/2/2013 c12 orihimu
Wow wow wow wait, why is her disguise so important to her? I mean, if the news comes out she is actually a girl, it doesn't matter that much. And it was so easy to get Aoi back! No challenge? Better security? Barriers? Alice proof chains? NOTHING?
8/2/2013 c11 orihimu
I luv ya, kaname! Or if you're trying to make a surprise, she'll say something TOTALLY different.
I like those dramatic moment in anime where there's a battle scene of some sort and the opening song starts playing.. ah, anime…
8/2/2013 c9 orihimu
P-P-P-Pervert! OAO
8/2/2013 c7 orihimu
fluff puffs? Nononono, you must mean Howalon..
8/2/2013 c6 orihimu
NO, THE SUSPENSE! He still calls Mi-tan polka even if Mi-tan is male..
8/2/2013 c5 orihimu
Yuu, chop chop.
-sighs- -makes illusion popcorn-
Yay! -munch munch-
"Eh Kaname I got you…WTF"
-munch munch-
8/2/2013 c4 orihimu
Whatever, fucker! HAHA, but you left us on a cliffy. ' 3 '
8/2/2013 c3 orihimu
Fuck yeah! I just felt like saying that.. -awkward- Natsume is so OOC in this chapter AND in the sneak peak!
8/2/2013 c2 orihimu
uh, mr. and mrs. sakura have names.. Izumi and Yuka…So, and wouldn't they know if she had a mark? I mean, when you're born you don't have clothes on, and the doctors would inspect the baby, and so on..
Like, I have a white birthmark on my lower back, but the coolest thing is that it's shaped exactly like a capital 'E'
8/2/2013 c1 orihimu
At Tsubasa I wuz like No, the author just used the name because it was cool.. Tsubasa and Natsume can't possibly be sibling. Then I saw the alice thunder and SHADOW MANIPULATION! And /Kaoru has the memory manipulation alice FYI... And the introduction is very well thought of. How long did it take for you to write this, even just thinking about all your different characters.. -slaps back- You have done well, brother
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