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9/21/2013 c7 16QueenNaberrie
I think the original story is very well written and hope you will consider finishing this. I was so looking forward to seeing Anakin go crazy sweet over the new twins. It's been great seeing him as a real father. But I look forward to reading your AU version as well to see the differences.
1/16/2009 c7 5Shinen no Hikari
Please hurry and complete Shadows of the Sith V2 and get back here quickly. These stories are good.

Also I meant to tell you in an earlier chapter but I forgot. You got the ranking system wrong. Generally the most noticeable ranks are Privot, seargent, leiutenant(unknown sp.), captain, commander, and general(ground combat)/admiral(space,air,or sea combat) in that order of rank especially as far as Star Wars and the Clone Wars go. however you had a commander taking orders from a captain even though commanders out rank captains. Just thought I'd let you know.
1/15/2009 c1 Shinen no Hikari
Actually Kashyk is on the mid-rim not the outer rim. And on an unrelated note where's Porkins from the original Red squadron?
10/18/2008 c7 Sentrosi

I will continue reading. Just very far behind and everything, but I am NOW CAUGHT UP ON EVERYTHING! :D

Good luck.
10/2/2008 c7 54TriGemini
Well I can understand the whole re-writing stage. Been there and done that. Actually when it comes to my stories I'm still doing that. Anyways, either way I'm still looking forward to re-reading your stories and continuing this one when it's ready.

So I'll patiently wait until it's done. Until then I'll just re-read what you've got. Looking forward to the revisions.

Until then.
10/2/2008 c7 Karen
Please keep up the original until you repost the revision. Just last week, I went back and reread both of the first 2 installments. I like the change in ages for the children, especially Cedric. It's easier to see a 16 yo doing and saying some of the things Cedric does, and I have a son that age to compare him to. Please just keep us informed about what's going on. I won't lose interest if it takes awhile before you post, but it makes it easier to wait (sort of) if I know that something is coming. I really enjoy your writing and trust that the revisions will only enhance the story.
10/2/2008 c7 4whateveritis12
I suggest that you keep the original up at least until you finish the revision. After that I don't care what you do with it but I like rereading things and your shadow trilogy is a pretty good read if I'm bored.

As for the pregnancy thing, which one are you talking about? Leia's, Mara's or Padme's? Really the only problem I have with this story is how big the Skywalker clan is. I like all the characters and everything but I guess it's just something I wouldn't have done.

It's your story and I'm not wouldn't change anything drastic (like taking out your OC Skywalkers) but you could have instead of Leia getting pregnant with Han, just steal away and get married like Anakin did with Padme. Shows just how much her and Anakin are alike. While I don't especially like having Padme pregnant, her pregnancy makes her pay attention to her children more than her job. Mara's I'm indifferant about, but considering you put in the first draft that that baby is a divergance in the force, meh.

In conclusion yay for keeping the original up, nay on Leia's pregnancy, yay on Padme's, your decision on Mara's and you have to keep Jaz's comparison of sex and puppies funniest part of the story.

Good luck with the revision.
9/21/2008 c6 Sentrosi
I'm caught up! :D

I'm definitely still enjoying this. It's very well done!
9/14/2008 c4 Sentrosi
Hey, I'm sorry I haven't been reading.

I've just started to read my massive backlog of FF from the last 8 months (has it really been that long?)
8/17/2008 c6 14Charlie Hayden
As I began reading this chapter, a question formed in my mind. Who will have the pleasure of killing Tarkin. I know that you will not tell me and all I'll get until that moment is speculation. I have two candidates in mind. Anakin and Leia. Leia by far has the greatest right to sever Tarkin's head from his body but Anakin would think of creative ways to dispose of Tarkin.

Jea seems to be handling this to her best ability and Jasmine is doing very well. It's nice to see these calm moments between the chaos of war. However I am anticipating Padme's meeting with Tann.

Now, I am anticipating the first battle after reading this chapter. I know that it will be great. However I do have a question that you would be able to answer without spoiling anything; How long will this installment span? Months? Years? I do hope that this installment is longer than the others because it centers on war and so much can happen as well as since this is the final installment to this storyline.
8/10/2008 c6 54TriGemini
Good chapter!

Sounds like the war is beginning. Because it sounds like Anakin and his family are definitely having to get ready to defend themselves on Dantooine. As usual, Padmé is worried about Cedric's situation. However, she is pleased that Tann is willing to meet. So in a way, that proves that Tann wants what's best for her child. Even if it means meeting with some Jedi, as well.

It also seems like Jaedrea is getting better. Even though, she still is having a hard time understanding what she's done in the past. Hopefully, with the help of her master and her family, she'll be able to get through it all.

Looking forward to more. Until then.
8/10/2008 c6 6killing u with umbrellas
i loved it. plz update soon.
7/20/2008 c5 killing u with umbrellas
i love it. plz update soon.
7/19/2008 c5 14Charlie Hayden
hm... a lot to think about before the next chapter. I can't wait to read it.
7/18/2008 c5 54TriGemini
Great chapter!

Loved the bantering between Lando and Han in the beginning, where they're just randomly discussing various topics.

Even in this lifetime the two managed to stay good friends.

Look as if Jaedrea is still trying to deal with what happened to her. My favorite part was when Jaedrea asked Obi-Wan who Sid was and his response was, “He’s a bad person, who did very bad things when he was alive, and didn’t learn to do any better after he died.” That was an awesome line. One of the best in this story. Because in a way, it does sound like they're talking about the 'real' Palpatine. Because even in the original timeline, after Palpatine died, he was still around to cause trouble for Luke and the others. Poor Lando, it looks as if he was trying to hit on Mara. It's probably a good thing that Han put a stop to it as quickly as he could, seeing as how, he didn't need his friend to end up getting himself killed by a Jedi who didn't like to be hit on. By the sound of the conservation that Cedric had with Padmé it was intense.

Considering they were discussing Sev'rance and the child she's expecting. Although, nobody can blame Padmé, she's worried over the situation her son is facing at the moment. Yet so is the rest of the Skywalker family, as well. Maybe that's why Padmé wants to meet Sev'rance and see for herself if her son is in any real danger from this young woman. Which leads us to know that Sev'rance wants to meet Cedric's mother. Poor girl, is still raging a war within herself. Makes you wonder if she'll ever find peace. Sounds like Master Yoda was communning with Luke about a warning that Sidious could still be a threat to the Skywalker family. After all, the guy did go after Jaedrea.

Therefore, it's best to be prepared for what could come, considering Master Yoda made a good point in saying that Jaedrea was too much like Anakin. For that reason, alone it's possible that's why Sidious decided to go after Jaedrea.

The brightside is that Jasmine might have finally convinced Julia that everything that happened wasn't all her fault and for the most part can't even remember most of what did happen.

So it's kind of pointless to blame her when she can't even remember doing something bad. I mean Jaedrea knows she did something bad, because everyone's tried explaining to her what happened, but in the end the poor girl doesn't remember very well. That reason alone should make Julia realize that she shouldn't punish her sister for something she can't remember, because in a way her sister is suffering in a different way entirely by not being able to remember at all.

Enjoyed this chapter a lot. Looking forward to more. Until then.
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