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3/5/2021 c2 firember23
The floor is a good place to sit. When laughing to much. LoL
11/3/2018 c2 32Little Kunai
2/26/2017 c2 Phoenix
I've seen a few of these, but yours is DEFINETELY the best I've seen so far. All the stickers actually make sense, for one, and Sideswipes betrayal of Sunstreaker (I died) and it was perfect
5/13/2016 c2 a single shard
love it so many giggles
7/12/2013 c2 9Chuni Luni
10/14/2012 c2 5WrenchWielder
These were realy funny, glad you wrote them.
2/22/2012 c2 10CosmicEssence
both of them are super super funny! the apple one was on purpose right? they did that to make him stall

nice choice in bumper stickers...did the kids decide on what to buy or conversed with sideswipe at times for good ones...and you covered all the mjor ones except Bee. Perceptors was amusing as was Sunny nd Sides'.

also excellent work on Prowl point of view in chp1

...shame there aren't anymore...:D
10/4/2011 c2 15AnimeFanBree
My face hurts from laughing. This is wonderful.
8/17/2011 c2 28Rose's.wings
Hee hee! I loved this one. I mean, I laughed at the first one because it was funny, but this one was even more awesome. I liked all the bumper stickers too. I can so totally see Sideswipe with Happy bunny plastered onto him too. n_n This is definitely going in my favorites. Loved it. ;)
1/25/2011 c2 6Lunan
I believe the common chat phrase to sum this up would be 'LMAO', very funny.
12/24/2010 c2 5animelover1993

oh my god. I nearly choked on my laughter.

This was fraggin funny!

Like holy hell.

I'm sooo going to be reading this over and over again.

I hope you have another conversation with your sister soon!

These are funny!

7/23/2010 c2 Phoibe
Awesome...you so totally made me laugh a little on that end one. I especially like the labels for the twins! Great idea and I can sooo see Sideswipe doing that:)
7/11/2010 c2 34yourfriendlyneighborhoodturtle
Lol! that was hilarious!
7/2/2010 c2 3xaephan
So much fun! I love how poor Prowl will probably never walk into a human conversation that actually makes sense. Stuck with us illogical humans must be a chore on his drives (he'd probably get along great with Spock). The bumper stickers are hilarious, too, and I love Sideswipe for it.
7/1/2010 c2 10Lina03
LOL, I loved it! Either way, Sideswipe wins!
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