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for Life of a Little Red Porcupine

6/3/2019 c6 Guest
That was sweet I wasn't feeling emotional but lovingly
5/14/2015 c6 8ashdash2417
* sniffle * beautiful. just...* sniffle * beautiful. X')
5/14/2015 c3 ashdash2417
* sniffle * that is so sad. D'X
5/14/2015 c2 ashdash2417
so cuuuuuuute! X3
this is one of the BEST FlippyxFlaky fanfics i've ever read! (wait, just asking, but is this flippyxflaky?)
8/24/2014 c6 Guest
8/23/2014 c6 faith colly
Sigh vinyl why did you have to burn? Flaky is mine!
8/23/2014 c1 faith colly
Oh well I don't have anyone else...
8/23/2014 c6 Guest
I came for 1 reason vinyl burned
1/20/2014 c6 Anonymous
I was upset because this story just had to end..
9/27/2013 c1 11Sonickirbypokemon
wow i remember this story from reading it in 2008 this is the first story ive read on fanfiction this is a amazing story it deserves a sequel and is the reason why i like flippy x flaky wll this and anoter story thanks for the memories
5/19/2013 c1 Mr spec ops
FUCK YOU! Tyler Bryant you should open your eyes and look this story about flaky and remember I would die for this and say I'm staring to think that flaky is starting to become my favorite character
4/8/2013 c6 Mr spec ops
My birthday is coming and this is the best present I've ever had man you are an awsome writer man I wonder what happens when you animate this *.*
4/8/2013 c6 Mr spec ops
(Crying with tears of joy) that was beautiful this is the most best story I've ever read in my life you are an awsome fanfic writer can you make another story because you are awsome and plus I will give this story a 10000/10000 _
10/9/2012 c6 Boris Borchevsky
I love this story, it has taste of an Italian dinner, Thick storyline like a turnip, and a sad and romantic tragedy like the 2nd ww my great grandfather have fought in. You must publish this at once.
10/9/2012 c6 Tyler Bryant
When i first read about it, it was really good enough for a publishing in my eyes. But then escalation of flippy and "Rueben" were in love, it made me not read at all. But then i said, "screw it" and just read it still. The entire story line was so bad that my thought during about chapter 3-6, i was referring it towards an abomination called, "The Twilight Saga". The way its influenced exactly the same is the baby section. But when I saw rape in there, then it hit me, it was "The Last Exorcism" ALL OVER AGIAN. I mean out of the six chapters with a scale on one-to-ten, it would be a 7 and 1/2 because of a love story. In real life, penguin publishers would give you back the copy, tell you why your a piece of shit, and kill themselves for reading. Anyways, my overall thought is like this: you were on the right track with a messed up life. But when a love story escalades too soon, were messing up a balance between very good show with possible book qualities and plummet down faster than an asteroid hitting earth, its place is though the middle. I'm sorry for all my words that seem offensive, disrespectful, and disturbing towards everyone but thats how the world would look at it. Have a great night.
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