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12/24/2020 c39 Sandra
Well this was just literally perfect
6/30/2020 c39 11CoffeeSlut
I loved this story, thanks for filling the gaps in different ways than I had in my own imagination. Well done.
1/12/2019 c39 grace1600
love your vision of their life together, even the terrible 7th season..

and the glorious sexual relationship added so much to their story ... and wow, was it fun! thanks!
11/21/2017 c30 Marina Kitchen
This chapter made me cry. Such a great story. Can’t wait to finish it.
9/29/2017 c39 2JavaJunkieGermany
Oh oh ohhhh my god
That was so sweet! That ending! That fluffy fluffy ending. Since ASP couldn't do that for us when the time was right, i'm glad you did! I really wanna take of the original series and change them into your incredible version of it all :) thank you for being as amazing as you are! Big big fat hugs to you :) xx
8/31/2016 c39 ItsJustMe
Here I am, 2:23 AM, and I just spent the last 3 hours finishing the last 11 chapters. And, while the fighting and anger was really hard to get through for so long, I have been crying my eyes out since Rory's party. Honestly, tears are streaming down my face at reading this last chapter, and sitting on the edge of my seat as each peak at their wedding came up. I love them so, so, much. I wish I could just jump into this last bit and walk around in it. Thank you for being so very good at capturing our L&L. "Seven Weeks" is my favorite thing - start to finish, every word - in the universe, but the last few chapters of this really touched me.

Thank you, so very much. ASP should have stopped you up for the revival.
2/12/2012 c39 19julesgriffith
Oh man, another beautiful story. Every line was lovely and I love every scene you added to this wonderful tale, even the difficult parts, which were especially well done. I look forward to reading more of your work!
4/21/2011 c39 ImTheNana
Now why couldn't you have been a writer for the show! Brava! I'm still crying :)
9/5/2010 c39 13longlivelukeandlorelai
I love this story! It just makes me all kinds of happy, and a bit nostolgic. I long for a Gilmore Girls movie. Great stuff. You never dissapoint.
3/6/2009 c39 Celine-007

What a wonderful way to end this story. I love how you go from the moment they are back together in the show to the future and their wedding.

It is exactly how I imagined their wedding for the end of the show. Simply perfect !

In a more general way, I just loved all your missing scenes. Each one had its place, and was so 'In character'

Little preference for the 'Camping episode' (Don't remember the name of the chapter, sorry) Don't know why but this smutty one really touched me. Maybe because it is one of my favorite episode of the sixth season...

I was also very touched by the chapter refering to the end of 6th season, 'Actions Don't speak and Speakers don't act'

I particularly loved this line :

'What do you do when she tells you it’s now or never? What do you do as you watch her walk away from you? The answer is easy, because you’ve been doing it for months. Nothing. You do nothing.'

and Lorelai POV :

'You stop talking, you stop pleading, and you walk away. And, after months and months of keeping your mouth shut, keeping your opinion to yourself, and telling yourself that it will all work out, you give up. You open your hands and let go of that dream, because it’s done and gone. You close your mouth once and for all, and you do the one thing that will absolutely, unequivocally put the final nail in the coffin holding the tattered remains of the whole package. You say nothing, and you let your actions speak.'

I think that you had PERFECTLY captured Luke's and Lorelai's feelings. It is exactly what I thought they thought (It is clear what I'm saying?Not sure! lol)

To summurize, I would say that you are definitly one of my favorite author in the Gilmore Girls Fanfiction world.

It is so easy to read and so easy to understand the character's feelings with you.

It was just a BIG pleasure to relive all the episodes of the show with each one of your chapters.

Thank you :)
3/5/2009 c27 12Katelai
It has always bugged me that Luke could do that to Lorelai, right after saying to her that they can't keep secrets. It is STILL bugging me even though I know how it all turned out. Thanks for actually saying it. :)

I read this story backwards if that's not already obvious! But I am still really really enjoying it, although it's hard to read at times because well... the series in season 6 was so hard to watch.
3/3/2009 c8 Katelai
I didn't like here how the TV series made it seem like Lorelai didn't really care that she didn't tell Luke about this. I am glad that you took a different angle here, as I felt like she should have felt more guilty.
3/2/2009 c39 Katelai
Oh my goodness this was such a great read! Great job once again, the ending was perfect! Don't ever stop writing! ^_^

I am totally review stalking you today, I swear I took a fanfic break over the the weekend.
11/23/2008 c39 2Jeremy Shane
good story
11/23/2008 c37 Jeremy Shane
good chapter
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