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5/28/2008 c5 2A Meandering Ghostie
i don't know...
5/26/2008 c5 Shiankumo Bani
Make her cook...sushi.(I dont know this just came up...)Hm or make her cook the thing that she cooked in Tales of the world that made Kratos,Lloyd,Mormo AND Whoever was playing pass out from bad food.that would be quite a show!MUHAHAHAHA!
5/25/2008 c5 2onestepback
-snorts- The wielder of the Eternal Sword and one of the Time-Space travelers... fainted. Geez, Cress.

Funny, update soon!
5/25/2008 c5 4Mieu
Fruit Sushi!
4/14/2008 c4 2A Meandering Ghostie
oh man... i feel bad for them
4/12/2008 c4 Shiankumo Bani
O_O NO THEY WILL ALL DIE VIA BAD COOKING!lol WITCHES PWN!-dances around while ranting on and on about ojamajo doremi-
4/12/2008 c4 41freakyanimegal
OMG! BOTH OF THEIR COOKING! WE'RE DOOMED! Don't you KNOW what Arche's cooking did in tales of the world! O.o
4/11/2008 c4 2onestepback
Ha ha! The broom is tied to a post and is about to get burned! XD

Update soon!
3/2/2008 c3 2A Meandering Ghostie

3/2/2008 c3 2onestepback
Oh man, that was random -dies from laughter-

-gets resurrected- Aside from the mistake with Dhaos's name, great chapter! Update soon!
2/28/2008 c2 3KittyKatEmo
Lol, this is awesome! It's a really clever cross over!
2/17/2008 c2 41freakyanimegal

2/17/2008 c2 JeanneAndHerAlters
-on the ground with Chester slowly dieing from Coletteness and is ubable to leave the review she wants-
2/16/2008 c2 2onestepback
Lloyd looked temptingly at the cake. He took a bite and died.

Ha ha! Great chapter!
2/11/2008 c1 41freakyanimegal
Oh joy. n.n This is going to be fun.
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