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12/12/2009 c4 9Mashy-Gaara4life
I don't critic. This is adrenaline story enough for me. Where's 5?
6/29/2009 c4 7xyzisme
Please let the boy be Jet.

Thanks so much - finally I can read what looks to be a good Zutara story!
6/29/2009 c4 10EdwardClone13

*Cough cough* Sorry... Anyway, good chapter. YOu just need to add more! I know i'm being greedy, but do it anyway! NOW!
6/29/2009 c4 JJJ
I can't wait until they find out that Zuko is gone. Katara will probably go nuts and think he's betrayed them again. :)

I like how you gave Zuko a way to connect to Sokka and the rest of the boys with his dao swords. I could easily see him and Sokka sparring in the near future. (You know, if he gets un-captured.)
11/2/2008 c3 EdwardClone13
This is a very well-thought out story! The descriptions are very accurate and match very well with the actual characters.

Seriously, imagine Azula trying to cook? That's freakin' hilarious!


Sorry, i couldn't keep that in.

Anyway, I only see one problem with this story. YOU HAVEN'T UPDATED IN TWO MONTHS! You left a horrible cliffhanger, and you don't update in two months? Are you TRYING to kill us all? That's not very nice... T_T Great. Now you made me cry.
5/25/2008 c3 10pyr0
Momo is the greatest lemur ever.

I'll email you later, chica! xox
5/24/2008 c3 Firefly
Nice. Very nice. Can't wait to read more. Liked the group moment in chapter two. And the Katara-Zuko interaction. Swell. Keep it up! :)
5/24/2008 c3 defunct111
good start! Cant wait for the next chapter!
5/23/2008 c3 22Liooness
great chapter and i can't wait to see what happens next! i wuld say the attacker is azula, but that doesn't sound like her.
5/19/2008 c2 Liooness
good story and i see what you mean blending action and description togther. i was never good at that, and i'm still working on it. thanks again and great story. hope you continue it at some point. maybe more of how toph and katara make zuko's life a living hell, that kinda stuff
5/17/2008 c2 20LuvStarWars
Oh. Very nice! The description and language is terrific, and the characters are all very true to their television counterparts. And I wish Sokka would call Haru Caterpillar Lip in the show! That'd be hysterical! Love it! Update soon please! Maybe something you could do is have Zuko help Katara with dinner. That would be disasterous and totally fun! Just throwing ideas around... :)

5/12/2008 c2 20Mlle. Madeline
Boy, do I know how writer's block feels. Ick.

But you know what? I couldn't tell. I thought the whole thing was funny, especially the part about Azula cooking and everybody thought it was hilarious but Zuko was merely terrified.

Also, "fuzzface" and "caterpillar lip" made me laugh aloud.

Description is still brilliant, although I must admit "squeals of mirth falling from her lips" is a bit of an odd picture. I like it, though.

Update! :D

Mlle. Madeline
5/12/2008 c1 Mlle. Madeline
"Man, I hope it doesn't rain."

Love it! That part made me laugh out loud.

I love the description even in just the first few sentences. You have presented to me (all right, and the other readers too) a very clear and vivid portrayal of the scene, and that's something writers (should) strive for. I do, at least.

Anyway, long story shorter, I really like this :D

Mlle. Madeline
4/12/2008 c2 3TwilightG
2/20/2008 c1 2MastaDrumma22
Nice. A longer description would ruin this story.
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