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6/13/2016 c5 HarryPotterGirl20
5/14/2015 c6 1the white wolf Haruka
LOVE THIS STORY! ! can't wait till next chapter! ! :) :) :)
4/22/2014 c6 Guest
l like see new chapter updater update soon
10/28/2011 c6 4miserae
I think they needed to send 'Frog Girl' on Matt before he turned into Shagon urgh...I didn't like him as is in the show, but I think that distaste just
5/2/2011 c6 Razielprince
cool story plz update and i hope u update soon!oh and make more than 2 chapters plz! that way u will plz more readers and reviewers!
11/18/2010 c6 9rogue4ever
really good!

could you please update!
6/3/2010 c6 MeowMix
This is kind of an awesome story and I think you should update it!

8/29/2009 c6 2fergnerd
Oh yes! Bring on Shagon, and no, I haven't lost my mind. If he's Shagon that gives ITCH the right to kick his @SS! YEAH!
8/10/2009 c6 Lilay11
7/21/2009 c6 1IamACritic
Moo awesome update. Yay for Will and Caleb. HAHA Frog Girl.

BOO Nerissa and Shagon.
7/21/2009 c6 3GohanRULEZ
This is getting good.Do you plan on killing Matt or turning him good?
7/18/2009 c6 cartoonloverfan101
Oh, wow! Will and Caleb handcuffed together? What are the odds? And what will become of Matt? Please update.
7/18/2009 c6 619yellow 14
Forget Phobos. Forget Nerissa. Forget all the other foes that Caleb has had to face. Susan Vandom's wrath would be far more terrifying. Loved seeing Susan set Frog Girl on Caleb, very funny.;D Like the fact that Matt hesitated before joining Nerissa, very realistic. So it looks like Nerissa is going to use the Heart of Earth this time to be a serious threat. At least Lilian knows what she is this time around. But Nerissa had better hope that Cornelia doesn't get her hands on her, I suspect that Cornelia's more than likely to make her wish she hadn't. Keep updating.
7/17/2009 c6 5Heart of the Demons
I don't believe it should take you long to write another chapter, but I think you have all the time in the world. The reintroductions of Shagon and Frog Girl were very well handled, as was Susan and Frog Girl's (Willow) interrogation of Will and Caleb. It'll be a long time before the couple ever marry. Shagon's (Matt) going to be a loose cannon, alright, since he can't be controlled by anyone, especially Nerissa. Will you portray him like in the "M is for Mercy" episode of "W.I.T.C.H."?
7/17/2009 c6 28Karon19
We created a monster, XV. People are really loving this Frog Girl thing. You should just take it and roll with it. Start up your own comic one day.

Willow is cute as always. Matt is a putz. And Nerissa is bad as ever. Matt's so caught up on revenge that he didn't see that one coming. I knew Nerissa would pull something like this. He'll be kicking himself for years to come. You just know she'll betray him again.

Honestly, though, Matt seems like such an honorable guy. For him to fall so deep as to not climb back up, is out of character for him. My caution in this path you've chosen is this: some authors change a character's identity just to make them fit into their story. It's not the best way to go. However, if you can show us how Matt has fallen, I mean really delve deep into his psyche, then it will seem more real. Maybe he's hurting deep inside. Maybe there was a moment when he just snapped. Maybe a piece of Shagon took root at just the right time to turn him evil. Just don't make him one-sided cause I know you are so much more talented than that.

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