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for Was It All For Nothing!

2/20/2011 c36 RosieeGleek
this was quite confusing, but i'm really excited to see whats going to happen at the end! you're truly amazing at writing, don't stop! :D
2/19/2011 c6 Pattie
#1 You have no idea how the sister talk to each other.

#2 Deamons don't have souls!

#3 When they won back magic school it was protected.
2/18/2011 c35 lizardmomma
I think that you did a great job with this chapter and I'm glad that we met the real Jo.
2/17/2011 c34 lizardmomma
I'm not guessing who the voice belongs to, although I do have my suspicions. It will be more interesting just to wait and see.
2/16/2011 c34 6VampirePrincess86
YOU KILLED PIPER! First I thought it was paige. Lol
2/16/2011 c34 RosieeGleek
noooo! you cant let her die! this is wicked though,

maybe it could be prue? i'm really excited to see what's going to happen, i love your writing :D
2/15/2011 c33 lizardmomma
of course it wrote itself, all good stories do that :) nice work and you are welcome.
2/15/2011 c33 VampirePrincess86
*throws lightning bolts at you* lol
2/14/2011 c32 VampirePrincess86
"biwee!" hahaha can paige shoot lightning yet? Or jo? Haha
2/14/2011 c32 lizardmomma
very good job, and of course it couldn't be easy, it never is.
2/11/2011 c31 VampirePrincess86
*sigh* I really need to re read the chapters. Lol who is jericho again? Jo is paige from the future right? Do they look a like? How far into the future! Lol
2/9/2011 c30 lizardmomma
Welcome back, great chapter. I really liked it. I hope that you are safe and that sanity is restored soon.
2/8/2011 c30 VampirePrincess86
OH EM GEE! Now I have to read the first 29 chapters cuz I totally forgot what happened! Lol
7/17/2010 c14 19razmend
7/6/2010 c29 lizardmomma
very well done, and welcome back
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