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for Was It All For Nothing!

8/5/2008 c17 TheFiestaLord
i really cant wait until you update...please update really soon...i love the story so far.
7/7/2008 c17 lizardmomma
not bad, I hope that they save Paige.
7/5/2008 c17 5missypaige06
that was so brilliant. wow all fighting over paige, like she deserves. i hope she's ok but i love the way they are all caring for her. i hope she comes back in the next chapter, she needs to be with her family, maybe henry will do it? anyways loved it, and nice to see kevin back.

cant wait for more, its so excellent and ps. i love enchanted too :D
6/26/2008 c16 lizardmomma
something is definately wrong, and was that Wyatt real? Is Jo really the evil one? Well keep writing so we can find out. Good job.
6/25/2008 c16 missypaige06
great chapter, i loved it. really nice sister moments and again i really like the protectiveness. i wonder what's going on with paige. i wonder if that really was wyatt and also whats going on with jo and where the girls went.canot wait to read more cos its brilliant. update as soon as ya can :)

btw is paige your fave?
6/9/2008 c15 lizardmomma
great job, I like how you worked it in.
6/9/2008 c15 2PoWriter
Nice story.

It continues to leave me hanging and waiting for the next chapter. Keep up the good work... don't forget to update!
6/6/2008 c15 gaby
i like mistery , and i really hope you write more please
6/6/2008 c15 5missypaige06
hey great chapter as always. poor jo and omg im so happy in a strange way that barbas is back - he was such a cool demon. it wasnt very nice of piper to snap at paige but i know she felt bad. maybe they can make up later. anyways update when you get a chance :)
6/2/2008 c14 2PoWriter
Great story! I can't wait to hear more!
6/2/2008 c14 lizardmomma
kinda figured it would have been Wyatt...What would have been even better is it Piper & the girls showed up right as that answer was given...good job
6/1/2008 c14 Anna
Sorry, I had to add something else.

I think that you really have the characters personalities down...

For instance when Billie came into the picture, you had the wording just right.. I could almost hear it in my mind. So again, Awesome job!

And I don't know if you have started writing yet.. but please please don't kill off any of the charmed sisters! I love them all!
6/1/2008 c14 Anna
OMG! this is so good!

are you going to keep writing it?

PlEaSe tell me you are!

You have to finish this!


If you are looking for any sort of story suggestions, I would say that you could talk about how Jo and Billie know each other... maybe that Billie is somehow related to Jo, or that she was originally Paige's daughter or whatever, and that she was adopted into Billie's family, and that Billie is her adoptive parent, or that she is the older sister that got killed. I don't know. Whatever you think works! Keep writing! You have got me hooked!
5/31/2008 c14 gaby
you are just an amusing writer please write more don`t leave us in supense... thanks
5/31/2008 c14 5missypaige06
hey thanks for the great update, i cant believe your exams are still going, mine have ended thank goodness so hope you do so well and that they end soon. it can actually be an inspiring time for writing too lol

anyways i loved this chapter, the amount of demons i could tell they were frustrated with the battles. poor paige obviously wasnt feeling well

i cant believe she's pregnant with a boy, thats a mystery now. im really liking the way the sisters look after her though and jo and billies friendship is good too

i never know if i like joe or not but in this chapter she was really brave and we learned a bit from her. i liked her in this chapter. i cant wait to read more so hope you can update soon :)
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