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for Was It All For Nothing!

5/19/2008 c13 lizardmomma
very good job
5/18/2008 c13 gaby
i really like the suspense but write more please i want to know what hapens to them
5/17/2008 c13 gaby
it`s relly good , and the suspense it`s killing me please write more
5/17/2008 c13 5missypaige06
i love this story, great to see a brilliant update as ever. i know how you feel with exams my finals are this week and iv been killing myself working for them. oh well best of luck and update when you can :)
5/13/2008 c12 MarianRobinForever
god story
5/7/2008 c12 Lientjuhh
Great chapter.. Well done... ;)
4/30/2008 c12 missypaige06
hey i loved the chapter, great work on the flashback by the way. it sounds like a lot of work but it turned out great. cant believe jo took paiges powers - cant wait to read more though. this was brilliant
4/30/2008 c12 lizardmomma
very good job
4/29/2008 c12 14atlan2007
Nice chapter.
4/21/2008 c11 lizardmomma
just a little confusing but I know that you meant it to be, at least at the end. Great job
4/21/2008 c11 5missypaige06
great update, loved the sister moment a lot
4/20/2008 c11 Lientjuhh
Great chapter... Well done.. ;) I liked it... ;)
4/17/2008 c10 lizardmomma
Very good job, I see what you meant by a little confusing...(Like groundhog day) and I love the fact that Jo blurts out to Piper that is A reason the future sucks, can't help but wonder what she meant
4/17/2008 c10 Lientjuhh
Nice chapter... I liked it... The day starts over and over.. and now it's pipers fault that Jo came back from the future... Great chapter.. Well done... ;)
4/16/2008 c10 4WHYBENORMAL93
I like it! Time travel stories are always the best especially with family drama added in.
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