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for Was It All For Nothing!

4/16/2008 c10 5missypaige06
hey i actually didnt find that confusing. it was really well written and now im seriously wondering whats going on between piper and jo and how its pipers fault. i cant wait to see what happens, just hope they save jo. good luck with exams :)
4/4/2008 c9 lizardmomma
very good job...too bad he isn't gone.
4/4/2008 c9 missypaige06
great update, i hope your exams go well. i was thinking the demon (and i love the name lol) wasnt gonna be vanquished that easily
4/4/2008 c9 Lientjuhh
Well, nice chapter... Great that you did something with the feelings from Jo... You made it also funny with the Telepathy from Paige... Nice chapter... Well done... ;)
4/3/2008 c9 4WHYBENORMAL93
I like it...can't wait till the next ud
3/31/2008 c8 lizardmomma
very good job
3/29/2008 c8 5missypaige06
this is all very mysterious and of course brilliant. cant believe leo turned on her, that was a shock. i wonder if she's somehow connected to wyatt too though. and the demon is really evil, and powerful it would seem. cant wait to see more

as for demon names im pretty useless but sometimes what can work is picking a normal name or word and spelling it backwards like

assassin - nissassa (lol or something i dunno, you could play around with it)

or else - i dunno if itd work but im irish so if you want to pick a word i could translate it into irish for you and stuff

like evil = olcas (pron. olkas) etc. good look :D
3/29/2008 c8 d
i know that this might be trivial but i was sorta confused when you wrote that there was a pacer for each type of person, what do you mean by that?
3/29/2008 c8 Lientjuhh
Well done.. ;) Great chappie... I have no idea for a name, but I think you will come with a name.. ;) And JO, I can't believe they don't trust her.. but then again, it's a little hard if there is a demon that is too powerfull after them because of her..
3/29/2008 c7 Lientjuhh
Great chappie... Well done... ;)
3/25/2008 c7 lizardmomma
very good job
3/24/2008 c7 4WHYBENORMAL93
Brilliant! I can't wait until the next chapter.
3/24/2008 c7 5missypaige06
wow very interesting - is jo one of the twins paige has in the future? and the other twin died? cant wait for all to be explained. update when you can :)
3/24/2008 c7 PaigeSuperCharmedOne
ahh u cant just leave us with a cliffhanger lol! im dying to know its so amazingly good!
3/23/2008 c6 Lientjuhh
lovely story... update soon ;)
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