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for Was It All For Nothing!

3/20/2008 c6 5missypaige06
wow great chapter, aw cliffhanger, did piper do that to jo or was it something else. good update - cant wait to find more out
3/20/2008 c6 4WHYBENORMAL93
This is great! I love it.
3/20/2008 c1 1wickedlover87
please take it out of script form! it's hard to read.
3/19/2008 c6 lizardmomma
I guess the demon atack is why she is bleeding. Good job
3/11/2008 c5 lizardmomma
not good deaths in magic school, where they aren't supposed to happen...good job
3/9/2008 c5 5missypaige06
great update but i wonder what else paige isnt telling us. cant wait to read more

as for format well i like this way but story format would also work - maybe a mixture? lol sorry not much help but im happy with it either way :)
3/3/2008 c4 lizardmomma
future huh? well I guess that answers one question...I beleive that Jo is one of the twins that Paige is carrying since whenever Paige gets injured Jo starts to disappear. But the other question that it didn't answer is WHY she came back...
3/3/2008 c4 missypaige06
omg she must be paige's daughter or something. this is really strange but exciting. cant wait for you to update
2/25/2008 c2 10future author at work
I like the story, but it's hard to read in this form. If you put it into the story form its easier and funner to read.
2/25/2008 c3 lizardmomma
secrets, secrets everyone, is anyone willing to share? GOOD JOB
2/24/2008 c3 2Taven Nukimor
please update

i wanna know what the BIG seceret is
2/24/2008 c3 5missypaige06
such a mean cliffhanger. is she related to prue? and whats up with paige. is her baby having premonitions? this is great, please please please update asap
2/14/2008 c2 missypaige06
aww i love this story its great. i wonder who jill is though - at first i thought maybe the offspring of leo and paige but now i dont think so. looking forward to reading more :)
2/12/2008 c2 kcbelles
Good story - look forward to the next installment. Obviously Jill is Paige's daughter - why else would she turn transparent when Paige was dying? Never get why the sisters never pick up on that - lol.
2/12/2008 c2 lizardmomma
very good
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