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10/7/2011 c9 Natinator
This is a really good story. I think you should make malfoy and Hermione like tell each other that they have has a crush on each other since forever or yeah... Anyways you are amazing author
7/18/2011 c9 dana
aren't you going to update? :))))
7/18/2011 c1 Guest
hooooomaayy please do more
6/29/2010 c9 Essie Luo
Hello,I am Essie,a girl from China.I am 15 years old now.I like your novel about Hermione and Draco very much.It's fantastic.
3/18/2010 c8 xxMOONandPAWxx

dont really like hermione/draco pairing but i really love this story with them in it

crabbes first name is vincent.

1/10/2010 c9 9mysteryssister
i'm so glad you updated! this has been one of my favorite stories for a long time, i'm glad you're continuing it. update again soon, this chapter was great!
7/29/2009 c8 2Kruix
It is good, but I think-even with the love potion-that Hermione and Draco rushed this quite quickly. I also must say that even in-love couples have their hard times and not everyone is going to be all around glorious all the time.

Please keep up with the good work!
2/16/2009 c8 9mysteryssister
This was amazing! I love it! Keep updating! Quickly!
12/9/2008 c8 3The Perks of Being Ashley
awesome. continue please
10/28/2008 c8 Secretly-In-Love
Great story keep up the great work!
10/28/2008 c8 2Hermioneroxx77
it wasn't very long, but i'll live. can't wait till next chappie!
10/28/2008 c8 bigmommak
Cute story. However, there are a couple of things that I just don't get.

1, you said their deadline was 13 Oct, yet the Halloween Ball comes before that? Doesn't make sense. Or, have they already met the deadline by kissing and dating?

2, Hermione figures out the "Truth" pill regarding love, yet doesn't say anything to Draco or Dumbledore about it? Then, to top it off, knowing that Dumbledore has already slipped something to them she STILL takes a drink from him? Doesn't fit Hermione at all!

I am glad you have them together, but it came too fast. Also, the fall out wasn't as much as I expected.

Still, cute story, and entertaining to read.
10/28/2008 c8 theilsanne
lol I dunno about 'pointless', cuz this was an awesome chapter! Ms. McGonagall giggling was the most... random but funny thing ever XD
10/3/2008 c7 DracoHermione Belong Together
haha, finally the first kiss! i think that the rating should be changed...but this is really great! i really love your stories! and it barely has any grammatical/spelling errors! it's hard to find a sotry like that!

9/21/2008 c7 Hermioneroxx77
its pretty good! i dont get onw part though. how can hermione be a muggle born if she's the decendant of a a witch named hestia? wouldn't that make her half blood then?
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