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10h c82 2adafrog
lolol Love it.
5/8 c82 5aalens
Hilarious! Thank you.
5/1 c84 12excessivelyperky
OMG, I laughed so hard I have to clean both my monitor *and* my keyboard!
4/28 c89 Lukkai
I wonder how many students are suddenly into chicken farming. Considering the amount of matching fowl I'd expect to suddenly have turned up. Including some price class male specimen.
4/28 c86 Lukkai
The worst/best (your mileage may vary) thing about this is that there actually are parents like that. Not necessarily about conception in general, but definitely for whether it should be taught at school in any kind of way. And for many other things that have long been proven to be simple, undisputable facts, they still bring up alternative information that is usually based as proof on "Because I say so!" And then demand the curriculum to be changed according to their opinions.
In some places they have even succeeded in getting done just that.
4/28 c83 Lukkai
Ouch. But I could see that reaction in such a situation.
4/28 c82 Lukkai
Honey badger doesn't give a shit.

Because he doesn't need to.

What was that in one of those documentaries I saw? One of them picked a fight with, I think it was actually a black mamba? Very poisonous snake it was, that I remember. Absolutely deadly for humans if not treated very fast. Honey badger got bitten, fell down. Laid there for about an hour or something, before slowly getting back up and, very wobbly and apparently rather annoyed, trotting off into the bushes.

Honey badger doesn't give a shit.

Old honey badger lady picked a fight with a leopard. Got bitten with the patented large cat death bite in the neck. Kept the bite going and holding the honey badger down. Half an hour later, honey badger's still kicking and trying to get lose. Leopard finally decides to drag her off alive as is, probably hoping that death would finally set in at some point. Further fate of both unknown.






4/28 c81 Lukkai
He DOES want to play.
4/28 c80 Lukkai
4/28 c79 Lukkai
That bunch of headless chickens? Survive this?

The few capable and paranoid ones among them, possibly. The rest is sunday roast. And well deserved in this case, or to use a quote I find suits this situation: And there was much rejoicing!
4/28 c74 Lukkai

Quite literally.
4/28 c71 Lukkai
Perfect ending. (_)
4/25 c87 FriendlyFire59
4/25 c79 FriendlyFire59
I like this one.
4/25 c69 FriendlyFire59
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