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4/29/2008 c2 5LastPandaHero


3/4/2008 c2 XoXoDarkBlossomFantasyyLvrXoXo
OSM! you should make a sequel I really liked it but I never new sasuke would think that sakura wouldn't atleast try to kill him! lol loved it make a sequel! ^_^
2/26/2008 c2 6red.masenko
that was so sweet. please continue!

but what do you mean sasuke will repeat the history of his father?

2/25/2008 c2 3Tema-Sama
good story keepp updating plz
2/25/2008 c2 DarklingLinny
I love this story. please do another chapter.
2/24/2008 c2 iHope
NO! Why don't you make another chapter and another and another? I mean this story is just to good to be ended here. Please please please update!
2/24/2008 c2 10UnbreakableTrio
I think this needs an epilogue. I love it!

You're so right about history. It does repeat itself, and all the mistakes done in the past are happening now.

Ex: The Americans had a reason to fight the Revolutionary War while Britain hadn't; however, America had no point in going into the Vietnam War. (Quote from my history teach)

- Sakura-Hime
2/23/2008 c2 random-anime-gurl
o wow plz make another chapter plz!
2/23/2008 c2 23Erendhyl
I love this story, great job!
2/23/2008 c2 12Subziro91
Ok the story was another fanstastic story..I just dont really get how she just shot up and left, and why doesnt she want him to call her by her name..the second half got real good about his weakness =D
2/16/2008 c1 12jillykins
Wow that was great angst! I loved it }:-P
2/14/2008 c1 23Erendhyl
Wow, is all I can say. That was really good. Just... wow.
2/14/2008 c1 6red.masenko
that was awsome! and very very sad.

i think some sort of sequel would go very well with this.

2/13/2008 c1 12Subziro91
It was real good(first review yea) the only thing that was wrong was that it was a one shot..I really want you to continued this PLEASE! oh yea if you play Sadness and Sorrows(on repeat) it makes the story more sad and makes you want to cry!(REAL GOOD PLEASE CONTIUED THIS!)
2/13/2008 c1 30reviee
It was cool.

I liked the descrption.

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