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for Spoiled Rich Kids

4/20/2011 c1 The Cretin
This is a pretty cool idea. Hope I haven't seen the last of these two.
8/24/2008 c1 36Little Miss Juliet
Billy and Kitten? NEVER would've thought of that one. Love the idea of it!
4/30/2008 c1 15Pseudonym Jareth
aw.. That was a very nicely written piece of work. Even if I hated this pairing.( which in a way I do) I would suggest a sequel. Rock on!

Anime Queen
2/14/2008 c1 11iolah
Love love love you. I might have to mary you. Consider this the official proposal. Kitten was... great. I would like to see a litle more on her character, but for now she was perfect. I love she and Billy's characters. Great job!
2/14/2008 c1 6Firefly4000
Wonderful story was interesting to see Kitten all non obssessed over Robin:) and poor Billy his father's a jerk

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