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for 20 Ways to Annoy Barbossa

4/9/2016 c1 151Qoheleth
Dear Gangster:

You can do better with 12. How about this: "When he tries to release Calypso, roll your eyes and mutter audibly, 'No wonder you've never gotten lucky.'"

2/25/2016 c1 5Eurus Rantipole
Niiiiice. :)
10/22/2012 c1 1linchpinquin
That was great lol!
11/25/2011 c1 Meydem
Lol ; D thts all i gotta sey 2 u
8/18/2010 c1 ggggggggg4sd
Funny, very funny. the only little thing is that you forgot to number the ways and it looks like some words were cut off. but, very funny. XD
8/31/2008 c1 HiddenMusic
Hahaha! You really did hit the funny mark! Although what would really be funny putting this for the last thing, "21. Read this fanfiction with Brabossa and laugh at it." Or something like that if you can phrase it better.
7/2/2008 c1 4Cuando La Luna Se Fue
Yay, funny-ness!
6/26/2008 c1 14mmmbopjonasgirl
These are the best type of humor fanfics!
6/12/2008 c1 14ChrisVertner
*cracks up laughing* actually barbossa is my fav. i have a fic where he's my character'd father and she is always teasing him. i think he's cool. and i would enjoy teasing him. lol.
5/13/2008 c1 4Flygon Pirate


Loved it!
2/21/2008 c1 AdiosxX
That was hilarious, but Barbossa didn't get sent to Davy Jones' ocker, he died unlike Jack.
2/19/2008 c1 3Lady Barbossa329
Very funny! A few of those I would actually do to him. I couldn't stop laughing!
2/16/2008 c1 44Mimozka
that's fun!
2/14/2008 c1 16germanviola7
2/14/2008 c1 Johanna Black
HA! that's hillarious! This is so going on my fav. stories list!
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