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8/19/2010 c1 18Karaoke-Kitten
Aw i love ot
4/23/2010 c1 3grimCapitalist
That was so incredibly adorable. xD I love it. 3
8/5/2009 c1 fereldans-finest
This was absolutley AMAZING! I wish it were longer, seeing as I like longer fanfictions to be longer.
6/19/2008 c1 7Kitty Terula
So cute! I read this awhile ago but never reviewed! :0 I'm sorry :(
6/12/2008 c1 2Jeekey
I liked the story. I didn't like zemyx in the other story with the letter, but it is a great pairing in this one.

The story was more than OK.

4/1/2008 c1 11VexenIV
naw...that's so cute!
3/3/2008 c1 6Zelda Rockbell
I love it! It's so cute :3

Good Job!

2/17/2008 c1 2be with you
Aww...that was so cute. I usually only read angsty depressing stuff lol ^^ I really liked this though, it was sweet. =D
2/17/2008 c1 Shining Nova
Truthfully, I didn't like your story. Too cliche for its own good.


1. Zexion's an emo kid.

2. He cuts.

3. Suicidal.

And you have the typical, optimistic, opposite in every way lover, Demyx.

And what's worse than the cliches is the fact that you've made this into an unrealistic one-shot. Story was too rushed, and too phony at the end. I find it highly impossible that two people, who have barely known each other for a month, would fall in love that fast. And the way Zexion approached Demyx... totally unrealistic. I couldn't even picture anyone asking a question like that in real life.

Not original, and not a good one-shot.

2/17/2008 c1 22LifesLover
Ah! Oh wow! I can't believe you wrote me a Zemyx! And it's awesome! I loved the ending where Zexion is trying to be discrete about saying his feelings and Demyx knows it and he just blows it right over and kisses him. Hahahah! That was awesome! And I was so sad when Zexion was depressed because Zexy should never be depressed. And I loved the way you described Demyx- he's not too hyper, not too laid back, he's just perfect! Oh, this is so awesome and I love it! I can't help but squeal. I mean seriously, I'm bouncing up and down in my seat and it's a good thing that no one else is in the computer lab right now because they'd probably haul me away to an insane asylum. Oh, I could totally hug you right now!

*virtual hugs*

Ah! I'm just so excited that you wrote me something and it's so great, especially for it being your first real yaoi story. Thanks oh so much for doing this for me. I'm like spazzing right now. EEH! Okay, I think I'm calming down. It's just so great that people would write something for me just because I leave them reviews and I'm nice. It's so awesome. You are so nice and I love it and if I could I would totally hug you right now! But I live half across the world so you don't have to worry about that.

Great job!


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