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for The Dark Lady's Mountain

3/13/2009 c2 June
This is my favourite out of your stories. I like all of them, though, especially with the music suggestion on the top. Please keep doing it!

I would also like to get more tragedy and less romance stories...maybe a glider could actually leave Blue Mountain and start a new race of elves kind of story?
4/14/2008 c2 18Doctor Madwoman
Both tender and poetic. You accomplish in a few words what would take me paragraphs to depict. And dammit! It's so heartbreaking!

To make up for shattering my soul, you must write a Voll/Winnowill sadness chapter that will ALSO shatter my soul. ;)


3/3/2008 c1 Doctor Madwoman
Aw! Poor Hoykar! (Huggles Hoykar, pimp slaps Kureel)

Very sad and poetic and lovely.


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