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for Death will set you free

3/11/2014 c4 34ForgivenL
This is really good and i hope you continue it
6/30/2011 c4 2Anime guy 007
yo dude this story rocks keep it up a freindly opinion they should extract the kyubi but he somehow survives
7/7/2010 c4 3ShadowsEve
this is horrible the storys are so short
10/13/2008 c4 56Gravenimage
Great story can't wait for the next chapter update soon.
5/1/2008 c4 Kerensky02
Nice chap, hope you will update soon.
3/5/2008 c1 lupita
I LOVE this story its so cool! please update soon! n i think sasuke is the most retarded person n naruto is the coolest EVER n so better than stupid emo-sasuke!
3/1/2008 c3 Kerensky02
Well very well. i liked it. what am i saying COOL! ^^

Ceep on your work
2/27/2008 c3 anonymus
well i honestly dont really write reviews but this story i grate and i love the way its going pleasa keep writing
2/27/2008 c3 Future AJ
Ha nice one. I wonder when they'll find out when Naruto is dead. Also, I can tell by reading that you're one of those that hate Sasuke. Him being my favorite character in Naruto, I'm saying that's cool if you don't like him but, bring him into the story more. I don't know what's going on, first he was fighting Itachi, now he's dead all of the sudden. If he's dead I need more of an explanation about it. Update soon.

Future AJ saying

Peace Out
2/27/2008 c3 9Aria52
actually, i did see it coming, the hints in the past chapters gave it away

good story though

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