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for I Said I Love You

8/30/2011 c1 8TheKyloFanatic
I think this story is really well written and think this pairing needs more love. Go Larxel!
11/6/2010 c1 5Jillian Bowes
aww kawaii! except this story left me a little mad at Axel (don't worry that's a good thing, just not for Axel XD). Here's how i took my anger out on him (briefly): I just saw my fish yawn [true story; kinda strange] and i imagined Axel being sucked into the deep depths of my fish! MWAHAHA! but i do love him though
9/5/2010 c1 2NatWolfgang483
I want a paring of Sora and Kairi please?=( if you do thank you sooooo much =D.
2/23/2008 c1 4Vampyric Ninja
Aww, cute, cute, cute! ^^

(-but slaps Axel for breaking up with her in the first place xD-)

As for requests for pairings...you can neer have enough larxel! xDD
2/21/2008 c1 6FredandGeorgetwinsoftheC.O.C.A
Yay more Larxel! I'm glad you are obsessing with this pairing. That makes me very very happy! :D And, although I do need to fill in a couple of blanks, the story isn't too out of line. I feel bad for Larxene...but Axel is always there to save the day! '_'; And we know he's telling the truth because, well, he's willing to stay in the rain for her! (Sorry, just my bad humor when it comes to Axel having...shall we say, problems, with the rain...)

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