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for In George's Eyes

9/28/2019 c1 6Dyenya
Brillant, absolutely brillant!
9/14/2019 c27 1FattaEld
Amazing story! I loved it. It was a really nice ending too.
3/12/2019 c27 10Taytay123456
This was such a unique idea. I'm blown away, in quite a good way, by the way that Fred and George interact in this story.
12/22/2018 c1 Nicky Southey
A really good start to your fan fiction I feel worried for George myself, can’t wait to read the next chapter. Hope George tells Fred what’s wrong in the end.
12/17/2018 c27 3Hannah-Bannana Weasley
3/3/2017 c3 Guest
This was nice
6/17/2016 c27 Alva
Great, great, great story!
4/27/2016 c27 Millie
Great story!
1/28/2016 c27 2elephantlover123
Yay! 400th review!

This story was amazing. You are a really great writer, and I look forward to reading more of your stuff!
1/14/2016 c5 Guest
Great story but can I just say that the timing is wrong because if ron was keeper which he was in sixth year than fred and George would not be at Hogwarts but I still think it is a totally awesome story.
1/14/2016 c4 Guest
I love how you dropped hints yet I never would of guessed he was blind. I never even notice how not once you ever said he saw something. I think it is a brilliant story so far.
12/30/2015 c20 Katson Greyback
Some irises do change color but only when the actual eye is damaged so if..let's say...Harry...used drugs on his eyes (they used that for makeup in the Edwardian ages) and that was the cause of being blind, then yes his eyes would be a misty gray-white color. In George's case, his irises wouldn't have changed color.
12/29/2015 c19 Katson Greyback
Amazing story I love it and your not the only Fremione shipper
12/13/2015 c27 10Yvonne Park
Great story! I really enjoyed this! You did such a wonderful job with it. I wish there was more! :)

7/18/2015 c16 65Cynder2013
Awwwww... Why are all the Weasleys so adorkable?
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