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3/31/2013 c19 srz
This story is soooo adorable w and funny! Especially Sora ahaha xD
And I'm so happy that you ended it like that! I can see Namine having some feelings for Roxas in the whole story, while it looks like she thinks about Nic only as a friend, so I think this ending is much better, and realistic; her family stays in that country anyways xD
1/17/2010 c17 11Gatorgirl1999
i loved the ending. i'm sad that it's over though...
1/17/2010 c9 Gatorgirl1999
i love it! i love this story!
1/17/2010 c3 Gatorgirl1999
i love it!
1/17/2010 c2 Gatorgirl1999
ah in a good way
8/7/2009 c3 Kamaitachi
Poor roxas! But i love the hugging part
8/7/2009 c1 Kamaitachi
Swet! But the character wasn't so many
8/5/2009 c19 3Handwritten
I was so worried that this story would have a sad ending (Nam leaving? No way!) So I'm thoroughly happy that they ended up together ^-^ Those two extra chapters are a lovely touch. I'm glad he confessed his love :3
3/30/2009 c1 15SoraxKairi7
Nice start. i'll keep reading
1/2/2009 c19 Faith Angel
Aw! I love this so much!

And I must say, I'm quite jealous, you are such a great author. I loved this story so much, and now I'm gonna favorite it!

*claps* Bravo!

God Bless!
10/2/2008 c17 584903753857157483672864356
*faints* OMGSH Im so GLAD that you didn't make Namine go with Nic . I would have died... literally XD
10/2/2008 c16 584903753857157483672864356
HARGY BLARGY . Its so sad
10/2/2008 c15 584903753857157483672864356
OMG! This chapter was so pwnage! Yay Roxas kissed Namine! SQWE X3
10/2/2008 c14 584903753857157483672864356
OMG! I absolutely LOOVVE this chapter :D I can't wait to read more x3
10/2/2008 c13 584903753857157483672864356
AH OMGOMGOMG! A long time ago I had read this story, and I just found it again :D IM SO GLAD I FOUND IT *sqwee* I LOVE this chaper x3
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