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9/27/2019 c13 Cornadopia

You may not remember me, but I was Cornadopia on here, AKA Hurr I’m a Durr. I wrote that one SSX Fanfic about Allegra getting pregs. (Wasn’t really that good, lol.)
I’ve always been a massive fan of your SSX fics! I still reread them once in a while, and I was SO excited to see the update on this story. I’d be so thrilled if you finished it!
I’ve always thought you were a fantastic writer, and I’m sure you’ve gone pro. I’m Holly Hoyt on Facebook if you are comfortable friending me.
Stay awesome! And update!
6/20/2019 c13 Zenloup
Nice Chapter , I really like this chapter, I can not wait to find out who saved them, the only one who does motocross in ssx is Nate Logan, so maybe it's him, I hope it's him lol, it's is one of my favorite characters in this game and I find that nate and allegra will make a good relationship if you introduced in your story I'll be happy haha , on this I hope that the next chapters will arrive very quickly :D
4/22/2019 c10 Guest
Nice , I'm glad you continue this fanfiction :D
3/26/2019 c12 didnotstopweepingforninedays
So I have to tell you the craziest story: Yesterday I was listening to the SSX3 soundtrack, and suddenly had a hankering for some good old SSX fanfiction. Specifically, I remembered that there was an author with "kat" in their name whose Allegra fanfics I'd really enjoyed about 10 years ago. I knew that they'd never finished their last Allegra fanfic, but figured I'd go look for them anyways. Imagine my surprise when, on opening the SSXTricky category on ff.n, your fic was the most recent result! And the story had just been updated two days before!

I reread the whole fic, and I love it every bit as much as I did back then! Great new chapters, although the cliffhanger is going to kill me haha. Excited for new updates and so glad you're back!
8/30/2011 c9 1SSXfanatic
OH NOSE...what happens? Do you plan on updating this story ever again? It's been a really great read so far, it would be terrible to not see it through.
8/30/2011 c8 SSXfanatic
What do I think of THAT? Well...I can't say it was completely expected, you shrouded it with enough praise from Skye to Allegra to make it impossible. I'll truthfully say that I couldn't stop reading :)

It'll be interesting to hear how Viggo found out, but still, great story! I hope you don't mind if I do another review after thisss
8/30/2011 c7 SSXfanatic
RACING SEQUENCE! Haha, sorry about that, I seem to find the races the best part of an SSX fanfic. I haven't gotten to reading the rest, does the semi-finals have more racing? If not, I hope there's more if you ever continue the story.

Other than that, you are SPOT ON with the characters! I understand the addition of Skye (the only good newbie in OT) and Eddie in the Third season thing, and the accents that you have used easily express Skye's origin.

I'm gonna keep reading now, I hope this keeps going!
10/10/2010 c1 IDyce
the writing itself is awesome and very well done n i understand if u have altered some facts in which case that is fine about something liek this i'm sure we all do but allegra has strawberry blonde hair (blonde with a touch of ginger in it) not red (or ginger, not sure which u meant when some peopel say red they mean ginger n soem mean actual red) anyway yeah and allegra according to background is from suburban san francisco (hence the whole skater punk, urban chick look) anyway i can be picky about the facts but ultimatley things liek that really depend on how picky u r so...otherwise though awesome and very well done
4/27/2010 c9 didnotstopweepingforninedays
Soo...are you not continuing your story anymore? :( I LOVED all of your SSX stories...I wish you'd come back!

If you ever get bored adn decide to humor this sad, sad girl, UPDATE!

12/26/2009 c9 Allegra 1 fan
omg this story rocks! i love that this is in Allegras point of view! you are a very good writer! keep writing!^^
8/31/2009 c9 1Jeana-chan
WOW okay first, I just wanted to say you ROCK at writing, and even before I made this account, I've been reading your stories and they're AWESOME! Anyways, I love this story! The characters are in character, and there's almost no grammar mistakes or anything! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update, it's getting REALLY exciting!
6/8/2009 c9 Zoe Payne
I was kicked out swy. I just want to say this is a great story. Heck I dont mind if Skyes a bit evil tho she is my fav rider of all time besides Allegra lol. Plz update!
9/2/2008 c9 9Pretty.Pretty.Butterfly
omgomgomgomg! wtf has julie done? omg! cliffy! no! and omg...viggo told her and then larry WALKS IN! OMG! you really know how to keep us in suspense! keep the updates cumin! -starts doing the crazy sarah dance and falls over the couch- oof! update and I'll be happy! ;) bye...for now...DUM DUM DUM! mwahahahahahahahahahah! XD! see ya later alligater!...i cant even spell alligater...omg...omfg...
9/1/2008 c9 3Gleeful Melancholy
AH WHAT? agh what a bad place to leave it! You just keep giving us new things to chew on! I honestly love the multi-layered texture of this story, such as Viggo's confession that I totally forgot about from before, and Elise probably filing a complaint, and Julie/Skye's deviousness beginning, but all at once? This is too painful.

This is serious plot-writing, right here. :) And I still appreciate the individual, separate, distinct personalities of your characters. They all seem truly and vibrantly IC, as if they WEREN'T all coming from one person's mind. AH cliffhangers
8/14/2008 c8 13The One True Koneko
Yo! Been reading this off and on for a while. Sorry I haven't reviewed 'til now. Awesome story, you've got me hooked!
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