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8/6/2008 c8 CoLLiSIOn
HOLLY SHET! this is getting very very intresting! please update soon!

- CoLLiSiOn
8/5/2008 c8 3Gleeful Melancholy
Hello, I just got caught up on reading both of your SSX stories. And since I like at least two stories, I'm putting you on my author fave list. :) (not that that's special, but I don't want you to think I have low standards. There's no other way I personally can express how strong of a writer you are.)

This story is really well thought out, that much is clear. I like the depth of the plot and of your characters. Everyone is very much in character and consistent with how I imagine the game, (except Skye, I've never played OT). I really like this a lot, and I'm glad you're not one of those lame authors who threatens to stop a story if you don't get enough reviews. :)

I like that you incorporated quotes from the actual game, like when Griff and Zoe talk...and that you bring in as many characters as possible. On top of that, you have great grammar and spelling and all that technical stuff.

I'm not one to be offended by mistakes in stories, because I think that's petty and all. I actually didn't even remember that Rob and Bob's is a board shop until you mentioned now. But in case you wanted to know, I don't think Australians have their own language...? Just English?...Unless Skye is an Aborigine, lol, in that case, forget I mentioned anything.

Anyways, this story is awesome. Thanks a lot!
8/4/2008 c8 9Pretty.Pretty.Butterfly
cool, brill twist. I so didnt see it cumin, Skye being out to get Allegra was just a great idea! =) cant wait for more, update soon!
8/4/2008 c8 Amanda


it's gettin god
8/4/2008 c8 Lizzie

I've been absolutely amazed by your story!

I just finished the last chapter with severe square-eyes but I don't care, 'coz it was worth every second!

I know I sound like some crazed fan, and you can think about me as such, but I just love it =]

Type on! (Let me know when more comes out! Please? I'll be so happy =])

Lizzie (Manchester)

7/13/2008 c7 didnotstopweepingforninedays
Oh dear, poor Allegra. Maybe she can slide like a penguin to the bottom? I doubt it. But who would have taken her stuff? Elise? Or that one chick? Hmm... Can't wait for the next chapter!
6/15/2008 c6 didnotstopweepingforninedays
AND THEY'RE OFF! Hey, cool chappie! I wonder if whats-her-face, Julie(?) died her hair red and pretended to- naw, that wouldn't happen... would it? Viggo needs to get around to telling Allegra, or else something's gonna happen to their friendship... Anyway, cool, update SOON!
2/29/2008 c4 3Gleeful Melancholy
The last two chapters were great too. I love the details and mannerisms of your characters. That stunt seemed like the kind of thing Zoe or Psymon would do. I also like how they're constantly in different environments other than the track. That gets stale after a while, and those random extras like the waitress and Julie White also keep things fresh, so we don't feel like we're seeing the same people all the time. I'm really excited to see where this goes, and what White has to do with everything!
2/23/2008 c3 CoLLiSiOn
Its very good so far. i love hw long you make each chapter. And i love how you added characters from almost all the series, remember this YOUR story you kno? You write what you want :D Please update soon!

- CoLLiSiOn
2/23/2008 c2 Gleeful Melancholy
Hey, this story is great so far! It's really well-conceived, and I can see all the time you put into the details of the competition itself, which not many authors bother to do. I think it's cool how you used the Tricky characters as well, because I always thought a large cast was way more exciting than the narrowed down SSX3 cast. I also really enjoy what you did for Allegra's background story, and her dynamics with Viggo are really good. Your bitch OC Julie was a great detail that made the story more realistic, and really made Allegra and the other three's drafting into SSX seem like the huge accomplishment it really was. Nate, for what small portion he was in, made me so happy. He seemed spot on, he's basically my favorite character, and I can't wait to read more of this, and not that it really matters...but where the hell is Brodi? =O
2/22/2008 c2 15SsXAngel
Oh! I love the parings! Mac and Kaori together, Allegra likes Mac, Viggo should like Allegra...oh such a love twist. love it love it love it!
2/22/2008 c1 SsXAngel
I liked this, very good writing from a pov. And what's more Hardly any errors! That's something to be proud of!
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