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4/8 c18 Sak
4/8 c17 Sak
The battle was epic and very well written! I liked how their storm bending saved the day twice :) I like how Aang didn't kill Ozai but zuko totally murdered him.
I just love a shared sexy healing bath btw.
How is zuko so accepting of Katara not rangi wanting him?
4/8 c16 Sak
Ok.. hi ursa. They get so much done at night I'm feeling tired for them!
4/6 c15 Sak
Is it irony? I think it is sad, poor Theo.

Katara is taking very well to the hot romantic attention zuko is pouring in her
4/6 c14 Sak
Yeah I didn't think the fire nation would be so accepting of Katara.
Is the seaurchin toy in Ozais desk something to do with taking bending away?
4/5 c13 Sak
4/5 c12 Sak
Such escapades! Wonderfully written
4/5 c11 Sak
Oh I didn't know you were the author got ozais vengeance. I prefer this fic much more... To be young again
4/5 c10 Sak
Was Ty Lee actually being nice?

A drugged zuko is a lot sexy zuko
4/5 c9 Sak
Were they really honestly arguing and fighting right there during the dinner? I thought they were putting it on to trick ozai.. somehow.
4/5 c8 Sak
Going into the factory was such a Katara idea;... It maybe just blowing it up was.
Omg they got captured
4/5 c7 Sak
Great first working day
4/5 c6 Sak
What an offer the top extra dramatic goodbye!
I loved it!
4/4 c5 Sak
Omg it is such drama!
My heart aches for Aang though though he isn't my favourite
4/4 c4 Sak
But this is gold
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