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7/18/2013 c6 Traci
My review is for the whole story. To be honest, I LOVED it. I have been hooked on the show for a while and I decided to check some fan fics out. This is the first one I came to and started.

I loved the idea about six separate stories. Very smart. The only thing that I would consider changing (by .25%) is the length of each story. Now don't get me wrong, I love long stories, it's just that these were a little too long. It took me a while to read the entire fan fic. But, it was soooo worth it. Kudos. :)

Very well written and a very good fan fic. This set the bar for me. I will be reading other stories, but let me tell you...It is going to be very, very hard to beat this one. Keep up with your writing, it will be worth it. Great author. :)

Excellent job! :)

Traci :)
9/28/2010 c6 1dollfacebarbie
Really good story. I loved how you did the parent's POV and you connected the events in each chapter.

8/1/2010 c6 2miss-Tami-bass
I liked how all of the chapters were connected(kind of) I love your writing :)
2/4/2010 c6 RoseFlower
love the story

more chuck bart

maybe squel
12/18/2009 c6 PB4ever
Actually never wrote any reviews but this fic is exceptional!

Aw always wanted to read something about my lovely Danny boy as a baby. Just as cute as I imagined him 2 be! Great that U could also capture what he really is as a grown up. In the show now they use him as comic relief most of the time but here it was such a delight to really see him so wise as he is in my vision too. He was so much more grown up than most of his classmates IMO (which probably why they're relationship with S ended:( ) and it's so nice to see a person so sure of what he is, never wanting to pretend to be someone else. The relationship in this family is not without problems but the warmth just cant be compared to any other family in GG. This moment with Alison @ the end just made tears go down my face. Thanks U so much for capturing my favourite character's personality so well! This chapter and this fic will be 1 of my favs 4 ever!
9/27/2008 c1 72Alien Altered
Aww. So cute!
6/26/2008 c6 1princetongirl
6/25/2008 c5 42ArtemisCharmed
So, not a big Jenny fan, yes? LOL. Alison annoyed the hell out of me. Worst mother of the year goes to...Alison Humphrey. Who else agrees? lol

Interesting that Jenny had her moment in like second grade, and that changed. Maybe she's bipolar? lol
6/25/2008 c4 ArtemisCharmed
Different style. It's interesting to read the Captain's journal entry.

At first, I was outraged that he could possible blame this all on Nate. But, it made sense in his mind. And, as I read, I could understand more.

I like that the longer he was away from the Coke, the more Howie realized how screwed up things were.

Nate came to inform dear ol' dad about B/C. Sweet. And I'm glad that Nate confessed to sleeping with Serena, too, and that Howie is disappointed that his son could cheat on his girlfriend.

Definitely an interesting insight into the Captain's head.
6/25/2008 c3 ArtemisCharmed
I'll admit, this was a very hard chapter for me to get through. I'm not a fan of Lily/Rufus and it kinda makes me sick, but I read. And I read. And I read. And it was cute. Totally was and all that jazz.

Interesting to go into Lily's past and I liked reading about her and her first husband, since we don't really know anything about him.

I like that Serena confessed to her mom about sleeping with Nate.

The emotions when Lily found Eric was heartbreaking, and I love her reasons why she wanted him to stay longer.

Favorite part is (get ready) Lily/Bart! I really like their first "officially" meeting and how they developed a friendship beforehand. And, when she wanted to renovate, she called Bart. (Eric's comments about the walls? ROTFLMAO! I love Eric.)
6/25/2008 c2 ArtemisCharmed
You've totally captured why I think Bart and Eleanor are the best parents around. I know it sounds weird, but whatever.

BTW, Eleanor loves the Archibald name, but she totally likes Chuck more than Nate. *SQUEAL*

I love how you've captured Eleanor's feelings for Harold. Very true to character. She really loves/d him.

She had her own way of trying to show she cared, and you know that silly miscommunication thing...but, it happens. I like that Eleanor feels bad about how she acted at times.

The CBN undertone always gets me. I love Eleanor. *squeal*


Love how you've captured the bulimia in this, too.

*SQUEAL* Seriously, BC overload! *SQUEAL* Chuck is ALWAYS there for her. And Eleanor noticed. Because Blair doesn't. I mean, it's Blair Waldorf, so she doesn't comphrend these things, but everyone else does.

And, I actually like how you've written their relationship. They actually talk. Unlike Chuck and Bart, who didn't seem to really verbally communicate often, Blair and Eleanor do seem to talk. yay!

Harold leaving was heartbreaking. *snifs*

Then we get into the actual show. :(

-I never did forgive myself, and I still haven't.-

*nods* Perfect.

THANKSGIVING! *SQUEAL* She totally gushed to Eleanor about the necklace! *SQUEAL* Eleanor is SO TeamBC!

-"Nate will love you in that," I would tell her, thinking back to when she was a little girl and would ask that question. She would just smile and not reply, which I found odd. I sometimes saw her wearing the diamond necklace just around the house, even though it was formal. A few weeks passed, and soon she was saying "yeah, Nate will die at the sight of me!" once again. Though I still saw her with the necklace.-

Ah, you, again, captured the brilliance of the CBN triangle. *SQUEAL*

The ending was hearbreaking. Eleanor to lose the other most important person in her life. Heartbreaking.

I love you!
6/25/2008 c1 ArtemisCharmed
*SQUEAL* OMG, I totally LOVE Bart. (what? stop looking at me like i'm crazy...)

This was perfect. I got a bit worried when he hit Misty, but it was a one time thing, and I was worried he'd do it to Chuck, and I'm not found of those stories, but he did it once to Chuck, and Chuck's reaction to it...well, it's Chuck Bass, so it worked.

I absolutely LOVE the description of Bart seeing his son for the first time. *SQUEAL*

Misty is one of THOSE mothers, huh? She totally spoiled him when he was a baby. That explains it.

Then the big fight and the threat. ECK. But it made sense. I'm disappointed that she would seriously cut off all ties and not visit every so often. That is her fault.

CHUCK LOVES BLAIR! *SQUEAL* Thank you for that CBN snip at age 4. *SQUEAL* And dun dun dun...Bart tells him not to settle. DUN DUN DUN!

Chuck's school performance..I see that, too.

SCARF! Sweet. But where DID he get it from?

Totally hurt when Bart didn't know how old his son was...*snifs*

OH MAN! ROTFLMAO. Bart catches his son in the act. LMAO! Priceless!

COTILLION! What a beautiful father-son convo. YAY. Lily totally has a good influence over Bart, yes? ;)
6/24/2008 c6 14AllisonSwan
good chapter
6/5/2008 c5 2BrunetteDramaQueen
This is seriously one of the best stories I've ever read. It was so realistic that I would probably think that it was written by the writers of the show. I love Chuck's, Blair's and Jenny/Dan's. JOB WELL DONE!
5/16/2008 c1 ChuckBassLover15
WARNING: This will be a long review b/c I am a HUGE Chuck Bass fan...lol

My goodness, I love this story already, lol. I am so looking forward to the next chapter! Before I get ahead of myself, I have to tell you I loved this chapter. I was amazed that you were able to get into the head (sorta speak) of Bart Bass because he plays such a small (but large) role in the show and even when he is on the show he's so cold and hae no emotions. Ok, so I have to start when Chuck was born, I thought it was really cute how he & Bart shared such a loving moment. I loved how Bart was so mesmerized by Chuck's facial features and his skin I love the litle part about girls, hehe... Then wow how Misty left was just so emotinal and amazingly written. I died when Bart slapped Misty. OMG, that was so tragic! Then, omg he hurt Chuck, C who was just so innocent and worried about his mom and then his dad (whos never around) hurt him, ugh, hated Bart during that moment. Then ah I cant believe he used Misty's wealth status against her, ugh, ba@stard. Then, aww Poor C. Haha, He was jeaous that Blair wanted to play with Nate over him. That was cute! hehe, I loved that moment between him & Bart, but then Bart had to kill the moment and tell Chuck to call him "father" instead of Daddy -which I thought was cute-. Then OMG I loved the moment when Chuck walked in making-out with a girl, that just omg, ha loved it! omg, I loved when she was like "you are so not a virgin" and then omg his response was so Chuck Bass. hehe, loved it! Then the whole thing with his father was just heart breaking and I loved that you wrote in: "the angel had fallen" so true b/c Chuck Bass is anything but, LOL. Ok then the final part of this review, I loved the ending! It was so sweet that Bart finaly said "I love you" to Chuck, that was just so swet! Then, I actually (like Bart) thought that Chuck was going to hang-up and just say a sarcastic comment, so I was soo happy that Chuck replied "I love you too." This chapter was amazing! No wonder your on my favorite authors list, lol. I'm off to the second & can't wait!

haha, told ya this one was gonna be a long review, lol.

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