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for A Rose on Fleet Street

8/20/2012 c8 32EleKat
Awesome! Is Mrs. Lovett going to meet Rose again soon? Please update soon!
6/19/2009 c8 Lily
i loved it
1/14/2009 c8 13Bambieyes1234
In the next Chapter can Sweeney and mr's Lovett find out who Cayden is Please :)

P.s I love ur Idea.
6/16/2008 c8 5EdgarAllen
This is excellent! I love it!
6/14/2008 c8 Christine Daee
OMG! That was perfect! I can't wait to see what happens next! Beautiful! Please continue soon !

Your fan,

6/14/2008 c8 6JainaZekk621
This is great so far! I can't wait to read more! =D
6/14/2008 c8 15tulipsandcannibals
I love it deary! MORE. Stop abandoning the story!
4/20/2008 c7 vampiremistress2sexy
this is a great story hope to see more
4/20/2008 c7 6JainaZekk621
This is great! I understand that you can't write romances, I can't write them either. =/

Plz continue soon! =D
4/20/2008 c7 15tulipsandcannibals
Meh. It's alright.

Okay, perhaps I will bring back a witty remark or two.

I must admit, I completely forgot you telling me in both a review of my own story and at the beginning of this one that a boy named Derek would come along, and thought at first it would be Sweeney Todd who had bumped into poor little Rose. How stupid! Much better, I must say, when you get an American lad there.
4/10/2008 c6 16Stupidbutts
this is good so far. write more
4/10/2008 c6 15tulipsandcannibals
Another brilliant extract, dear. I love the storyline and I really want to know how her relationships are going to build up with all of these people.

BTW- Excuse the initials, but would you mind checking out my Sweeney Todd fanfic? If it's not too much trouble, could you review it as well? I'm going to update it soon, I'd just like some more reviews.

I promise I am not reviewing for advertisement, I'm jsut asking. Please and thank you.

Well done, again!
4/9/2008 c6 1Nelle07
aww! love it uPdate!...pLz?
4/9/2008 c6 6JainaZekk621
wow...great story! I can't wait to read more! Plz continue soon! =D
3/31/2008 c5 1Nelle07
I like it! upDate soN!...pLz?
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