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for JUMPER New Breed, New War

1/20/2010 c4 6Mindy Morganna
Whoa...what happened dude! The story was kick-ass, them boom! Not a peep for ages! Updated 2008 then poof and gone! More please or I will pm you in a annoying fashion. Plus I though it was spelt Millie and purrlease, I never forget how cute Jamie Bell is... Please update!
6/15/2009 c4 Deshawn
Write mor update this it is going somewhere unlike most stories it is great and also i feel for the people come on i will keep comming back.
11/15/2008 c1 jxr1
hi, just thought I'd come in and review again in hope that someday a new chapter might be added...
9/21/2008 c4 1Willow Knox
great story!

one note: any Jumper can look at a picture and then go there. That's why David has all those pictures in his appartment in the movie.
8/18/2008 c2 1Adrian Rinehart
“And you guys can…”

“Jump? No, we’re faeries that just can magically poof in and out of places. Can’t you tell by the fucking wings and pixie dust that Davy’s throwing around?”

That's good shit right there. :] I logged in just to tell you it's amazing so far. :]
8/5/2008 c4 6xXAlexaXx
AH! Love it! NOW UPDATE DAMN IT! Thanks :) Love the story and keep writting!
6/27/2008 c4 6Kittendragon
Hey! Hope to see more soon! I usually don't like OC's, but this is AWESOME!
5/13/2008 c1 7Kawabunga
Oh, exciting! This will be fun! Another Jumper fic! There are far too fwe out there! Nice chapter so far and the plot seems really cool with the new breeds! No Jumpscar? Hm... I'll have to find out where you're going with this...
5/12/2008 c4 jxr1
Screams. Bangs head on computer desk. Screams again and rants about a certain Jumper fanfic not being updated for more than a month. Anyone still there?
4/27/2008 c4 jxr1
AH! Where is the next update? What will happen next? How can you leave me for THREE weeks without updating?

Great chapter again. And great story as well.
4/16/2008 c4 jxr1
It's been a week now. I am crazy about this story and am hoping the next chapter will come soon. Will it? Must I resort to threats once more? Please let me know if you have a lot of things to do that are keeping you from this story and I will leave you alone.
4/14/2008 c4 10Legion Fardreamer
Awesome story! I love the character, and the idea of Milly becoming a jumper. I can't wait for the next chapter!
4/12/2008 c4 13darkdestiney2000
Pretty good...hope you update again soon
4/11/2008 c4 jxr1
Day one, 11:12 pm. Still no update after the last chapter. Where are those paladins?
4/10/2008 c4 jxr1
Yay! Thanks for finally getting this chapter up! I guess I'll have to call off those paladins now. Of course...that just depends on how long it takes you to get the NEXT one up. Great chapter. What is happening to David?
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