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for Alex finds out the truth about Wyatt

2/25/2013 c3 9jess carla
ok alot of spelling mistakes and demond isn't a word its spelt demon also Wyatt can kill any demon in less then 5 seconds. anyway i do like the idea of the story. good work.
8/24/2010 c1 16ShikamaruNaraKibaNaruChunin
very nice i like both seasons xd they are very cool
1/23/2009 c34 lizardmomma
very nice job, just a few spelling errors that I saaw, but a nice summary...
1/16/2009 c33 lizardmomma
Very good job witht hte story, I think just an epilogue set maybe a few months to a year or so in the future would be good. I don't think this story needs a sequel.
1/15/2009 c33 10Princess of Niight
deffinately both!
1/2/2009 c31 lizardmomma
very good job I am said to see the end approaching though.
12/19/2008 c30 2ohtwo94
12/18/2008 c29 lizardmomma
nice work
10/13/2008 c28 lizardmomma
very good job, the proposal was very sweet
9/15/2008 c27 lizardmomma
very good job last chapter-I think a boy named David Christopher...named for one male of each side of the family.
9/3/2008 c25 lizardmomma
very good job
9/2/2008 c25 6Stephanie Disney Lover
oh crap!
8/7/2008 c24 2ohtwo94
omg. wow
7/28/2008 c24 lizardmomma
very good job
7/26/2008 c24 6Stephanie Disney Lover
fun. LOL...wait im confused. Is her Name Alexis? Alexia or Alexandra? cuz im like totally confused.
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