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3/15/2008 c1 62homeric
Ah, poor Dean. Nice little one-shot, although I wouldn't mind reading more if you were in the mood to write it ;)

2/26/2008 c1 cozmikfaerie
this was good, and I love Dean acknowledging that the war may never be won...and yea, let's get Bela!
2/26/2008 c1 61Sarah the mutant farm girl
*GLOMP* I love you! You're amazing as always and I don't think you went out of character beyond the fact that Dean wrote this. But hey Sammy turns those puppy dog eyes on you and not even the great Dean Winchester can resist. It kills me thinking about him going demon. But you did wonderfully, I might take you up on that beta thing,I could use a little help lately can't get into gear. Take care~Sarah

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