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4/16/2009 c10 1SchwaWarrior
This story, well, it's... DISGUSTINGLY cute. XD I guess it's a nice break from the norm... I generally prefer Pokemon fics with more action and external conflict. So it's nice to be able to read something like this that hasn't been done a lot, and enjoy it. (I'll be honest, as soon as I read your story summary I knew I HAD to read it.) The ending was a little unexpected! I'm not sure how well it fit, exactly (I mean the bit about the Spoink, not so much the reverse-flashback at the end), but I guess it works somewhat at least.

All I can say is, a couple generations from now, Bosco's great-grandchildren are going to be looking at the world and musing over how it's too hard to find another living legend like their great-grandpa these days. Heh heh.

Oh right, another thing. The thing I'd say I like most about this story is that you explored a side of the Pokemon world that most people totally disregard: pets. It's at the freaking beginning of every Pokemon game- "Some people keep Pokemon for pets, others use them for fights", ever since Red and Blue. So why don't people go down that road as often as they perhaps should? Kudos to you for doing so. (Dammit I'm in a ranting mood now. XD)

Second best thing I like about this story is the whole deal with them being unwanted and then doing something about it. I feel like in some ways that's the story of my real life. I'm Autistic and people look down on me for it, but I'll be damned if I go down without a fight of my own- and also, I've already "banded together" with other Autistics in real life who go through the same thing. We call ourselves "The Clan". XD Anyway so yeah, in that way this story speaks to me. Double-kudos.

Criticism? Well I already mentioned I don't know if the ending with Twilight works or not... I guess some people would say yes and some would say no, whereas I'm sitting on the fence on that one. The other thing is, maybe I'd have put some instances during the group's trek through the forest where they meet wild Pokemon, and not just get into some battles, but more importantly the dialogue that'd go between them could deepen the story. For example, a wild Ursaring might have tried (fruitlessly) to persuade them into giving up and that humans and Pokemon (even non-misfits) were never meant to live in harmony, not to give the humans the power, etcetera etcetera, and this could have affected some of the misfits later (like, they start to have second thoughts or whatever, or maybe later those second thoughts would be turned around and re-double their determination to succeed)... Also, the wild Pokemon encounters could have fleshed out more of Leafeon's and Bulbasaur's endeavor to learn combat skills and defend the group, leading to internal conflict in them and deepening the story (i.e. "Did I... did I just knock out an unsuspecting Nuzleaf without provocation? How could I... I'm a MONSTER..." and then Bosco with "Get over it, you can't bring him back, but you can learn from this, and know what times to use your attacks and when not to"). I mean this is just speculation here, and it IS your story, but think about it; there's some possibilities here that haven't been explored and I felt the irresistable urge to bring them to light for you. ;)

That said, I'll favorite this, in case I want to read it again later or whatever. Normally I wouldn't favorite it though... I guess the story *just* made the cut, but not only that; when I read this story I see a little of myself in it, and YOU wrote it, so maybe you and I actually have some similarities. Wouldn't that be something. XD

Alright, enough banter. Even though you probably wish you had more long reviews (as opposed to the senseless drone of "OMGZORZ U ROX DIS IZ GUD STROY U SHUD RITE MOAR" which I am so thoroughly against), 4k characters is cutting it a little close. XD Do you still write fanfiction? This one's pretty old in the database... If you still write, I look forward to seeing more of your works, and whether you still write or not, I hope this review means something to you! :D

Peace, man. (Or lady. Can never tell through a computer screen. XD)

9/11/2008 c10 2Moriko no Hikari
7/22/2008 c10 8stormcatcher32
Okay, I thought I didn't want this to end, but... I didn't know it would end like this. :3 I love the ending! Scooter... so cute! But, you didn't say anything about dandy! didn't she live there too?
7/22/2008 c6 stormcatcher32
Aw... ^_^ So wonderful!
7/21/2008 c10 1PG Palmer
Aw, such a nice ending to the story! I think you did a great job with this fanfic and I hope you keep writing, getting better and better and improving your skills.

And here I'll insert a little upcoming quote from my fanfic which I think fits in here:

"For the world may view us as different, even something to be despised, simply because we do not conform to what they deem as normal. But regardless of what we are on the outside, we are all one at heart - individuals seeking to be free, to be smiled at, to be cared about, to be accepted. For one's outward appearance does not show our true colours - it is what we say and what we do that determines who we truly are."
7/10/2008 c10 53WyldClaw
Aw. what a wonderful ending
7/10/2008 c4 WyldClaw
Yes! Pip, Tripod, Bosco, Evergreen, Flora and Claire all escaped from the pound
7/10/2008 c1 WyldClaw
Oh. Poor Bosco and Claire
7/2/2008 c10 24Xtreme Gamer
Oh man, you have no idea how glad I am to see that Clair survived. She may have lost her tail, but not her life. And it looks like she and Tripod have a litter of their own to look after. And Bosco found a home, and love. Not only that but he has a son of his own.

This story was outstanding, truely outstanding. I loved it from the first word.
7/2/2008 c10 74Lixie Lorn
Aw. So sweet.


~General Everin Stormclaw of the Emerald Stars, Dragon Prince and the Ffith Sutakage, out.
7/2/2008 c10 1poka
Aww, that's so sweet! They certainly deserved a good owner who will care for them and cherish them. I'm glad that they all got what they wanted.


P.S: Only one mistake I noticed. see if you can find it!

Amanda doesn't like friends or companions to inter fer with her work.
6/24/2008 c9 poka
ugh, that sounded painfull. I hope she's ok...
6/23/2008 c9 74Lixie Lorn
Ahh! No! (Cries uncontrollably)

Ebony-They might not be dead, you know.

Me-Oh yeah. (Stops)

~General Everin Stormclaw of the Emerald Stars, Dragon Prince and the Fifth Sutakage, out.
6/22/2008 c9 24Xtreme Gamer
Oh, the suspense is killing me! I hope it's not killing Claire in the process. Please tell me she gets out of this okay. She can't die now.
6/22/2008 c8 74Lixie Lorn
Ooh, i like this...

~General Everin Stormclaw of the Emerald Stars, Dragon Prince and the Fifth Sutakage, out.
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