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for Return of the Emperor

8/7/2014 c2 2Mike Kromer
Man A good start, love it so far, keep it up
3/19/2013 c2 HikaHima
This seemed really good. It's a shame you stopped writing it.
8/28/2009 c2 12Hel14
I really love your story, very in character and well written. I really hope you'll continue. And Benawi just CAN'T have done that... So... What has hapened ? (and please, please, don't kill Benawi ! He's my favorite character ! ;-))
11/29/2008 c2 1Pensive Rumination Observer
Awesome fic! I just finished watching Utawarerumono a short while ago and love this fic already. Seems a little dark, but not excessively so. I really enjoy your writing style as well, you don't overload on the details and at no point so far has the story becomes tedious. Your seamless transitions between the current events and Oboro's recollections is also astounding. All in all, I love your fic and will be keeping track for any updates in the future. Keep up the good work!
3/11/2008 c2 57Martial Arts Master
PLEASE continue this! Ever since I played the Utawarerumono game (complete with Mirrormoon's translation patch), I always though there was something going on between Oboro and the twins. The fact that their relationship is depicted in such a fluffy manner here is a refreshing change, since most people assume the twins did something nasty to Oboro when he was drunk. I'm glad you took a different route.

By the way, the equal distribution of goods...are you perchance critiquing socialism or communism? That was a very clever metaphor for you to use.

I mostly want you to continue this because Dorii and Guraa aren't very popular characters, but I really REALLY like them, and it's refreshing for me to see a fanfiction where they play such a major role.

And I don't believe for a MINUTE, by the way, that Benawi would do anything like that. I smell another "Rak Shine" incident, if you've played that part of the game you'll know why Hakuoro did not turn out to be Rak Shine after all.
3/9/2008 c2 8SteamedBun
Just letting you know that there are some people who are reading.

To be honest, it's a bit early to be able to say anything about the story. It seems like you plan for this to be pretty long (You do have a plan for where it's going right?), so it may be a good idea to give some thought as to longer chapters.

Finally, just one last thing. In the game/anime, it looks like only a few years pass before Hakuoro returns to the village; have you given any thought as to how to include this or have you decided to keep that far off into the future, i.e. outside this story?

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