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for Voyage of Destiny, Book II: Borgian Complications

2/28/2008 c5 LazyMio
So somehow Buffy manage to do what no one has Ever done before and destroyed the connection with the Collective. This is only possible beause she is the Prime right? Or is there more to Buffy than even the S'Terran knows. And I thought that Buffy met the Doctor in the First Book when they were beamed aboard? Anyway glad Buffy is doing okay. All she need is rest and her mates with her. All in all, another great chapter.
2/28/2008 c4 LazyMio
Aw, looka at Kathryn pimping in her new coat. Been in the room less than a second and already have people jealous of her coat. Kathryn finally got some. Bet she is happy as hell. And poor Seven, I bet she didn't expect that when she woke today. It looks like both Buffy and Kathyrn migth be interested in Seven. Maybe later on Seven will be added on to Buffy's growing Pride. Really liked how you did the fight scene. I love when Buffy really lets go and let the primal side come out and play. I think her mates where the main factor of why she was able to beat the assimilation. I hope that she is okay though. Uh oh, now the Queen knows about her. That can't be good. As alway, excellent chapter!
2/28/2008 c3 LazyMio
Oh, Buffy, you are just too mean teasing your mate like that. I I'm glad that she has someone like Tuvok that she can trust, to just be herself and not have someone always judging her. I like him, and his expressive eyebrows. Could Tuvok be the next Giles? Dun dun dun!

Hell no! But may be relate to a certain Jaffa we all know and love. LOL.

Excellent Chap!
2/28/2008 c2 LazyMio
So Chakotay really does have a death wish. That man will never learn. You should of just let Kathryn mates have a go at him.maybe he'll get the picture then. Or let Willow zap him into a frog. Now about this subsonic growling. I'm guessing that its so freakin' low and deep that you can't hear it but feel the vibrations or something? I feel sorry for the poor guy who interupted them. Now you got her all worked up. Love the chemistry between the four. Its hot!
2/28/2008 c1 LazyMio
Okay, so I admit that I have been kind of lazy and haven't review the rest of the first story. Sorry about that. You did a wonderful job with Book one and it deserves to be reviewed. I will have to resolve that real soon. Just to let you know, I dont really write reviews that well. It's usually 'good job' or 'great chapter'. I thought I acutally try to talk about the chap. So enjoy.

I took a while for her to finally meet everyone, but better late than never. Though I was wondering where all the other S'Terran had went too cause you had stopped mentionng them in th first story. Chakotay is still being a pain in the ass which is pretty normal for him. Naomi gets a new playmate. And now the Borgs enter. Hell of a chapter I must say.
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