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7/3/2008 c22 1ritz-O-kid
AWESOME! Please update! I feel srry 4 Ran and Kazuha though.
4/18/2008 c1 2KeRose
Just concerned if this will be updated soon. I loved (and continue to love) this story. ^_^ Please continue writing soon! I can't wait to see the end of all these happenings
4/8/2008 c22 8ami-chan - the frenchie
AWESOME AS EVER! It never goes off-plot, and the way you mix romance & mistery is P-E-R-F-E-C-T!

Waiting (A LOT) for the following events ;)

Btw, just got a problem with my review dunno if I did, but maybe I doubled. Sorry '-_-
4/8/2008 c2 14Elaienar
Hmm, still quite interesting. (And poor Ran! D:) Have you thought about completely re-writing the whole thing once you're done? I think it'd make a pretty awesome story with just a little more work. :)
4/7/2008 c1 Elaienar
Good beginning! I like the conversation and action alike (it's so easy to have too much of one and not enough of the other!), and you and your friend have both got a good grasp of grammar and spelling, and a fair grasp of punctuation. The flow is good, too - it doesn't look patchy at all. :)

The story looks like it's going to be really interesting, too! And ugh, poor girls. That's just a horrible thing to happen - and in your own house!

Thanks for putting this up!
3/30/2008 c21 2KeRose
Wow, I haven't read your story in so long. But after finally catching up, I must say that your writing style is impeccable. I can seriously picture these events as if they were happening in the manga/anime. BTW I love the Heiji-Kazuha pairing. Keep up the good work!
3/12/2008 c14 8ami-chan - the frenchie
Love it! You sent me the part that was in knightus's c-box some months ago and I so wanted to see what was coming next!

There was a moment when I was fearing you were going out of the subject (with the ice-skating), but then the mystery came back again and it was so good!

Plus, you add like one chapter a day, which is perfect :D
3/10/2008 c12 Animefangirl2007
It good, a little confusing thought. Can't wait to read the next one
3/5/2008 c1 4Digeridoodler
Kya~! Hiya! I'ma keep a watch on you on here :D
3/4/2008 c7 2KeRose
First of all, I just have to say that this story looks like its going to be a good one! I'm not a hardcore DC fan but I keep myself updated. Anyways, Keep up it up. To the best of my memory, I didn't see any errors, which is always a plus. :D

Second of all, I've finally got an account here after reading for about a month now on random stories and you've gotten the honor of being the first story I reviewed/commented.

Happy Writings!
2/29/2008 c2 Asgjliyrdcbkljgfhkiytgvbkllhgd
Well done. I like to read this kind of fics. You really have thought about what you've been writing. Thanks, and continue this soon please! :P

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